What is HCG 2.0? A contemporary HCG diet for the average working adult.

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The 8 problems that make the original HCG diet difficult and dangerous, and how HCG 2.0 solves them.

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Taken directly from real reviews of "HCG 2.0".


If your experience is anything like the majority of my patients’, you will lose weight. Let me say it again: A diet need not be the undertaking of a lifetime to achieve life-changing results. Don’t beat yourself up with the traditional HCG diet – there’s a better way.

"…the main difference between the two is the energy is better on 2.0 and the sustainability." See more...

"Dr. Z I am doing great. Down 15 lbs and feeling fantastic. Loving the eating protocol and the simplicity of the plan. Woohoo! Thank you so much for creating HCG 2.0. I am a very happy customer." See more...

"Lost 4 lbs after 1st day!!! Loaded over the weekend, gained 2 lbs, weighed in this morning and BAM! Feeling very satisfied on 2.0 and very happy today!!" See more...

"This is my 2nd round hcg, first using 2.0 and I love it!! I am not losing as fast as some, but faster than with the original protocol, but better yet I am not hungry all the time and don’t feel like I’m missing out!! I’m happy and can’t wait to see what this round brings!!" See more...

"Day 40 (yesterday) total loss of 29.1 pounds. Goal: pre-surgery weight (need to lose 40+ pounds). I was hoping for a larger loss, but I lost an incredible amount of inches. I actually look better, even though still heavier, that pre-surgery weight. AND… I’m much healthier than I was prior to surgery. WIN WIN for me!" See more...

"Any body else super energetic and needing far less sleep? This plan rocks. I haven’t been hungry at all and am losing at the same clip as when I did 500 cals and starved! 8 pounds from goal and know this plan is superior to all others.. it’s the ketosis baby.. the ketosis!" See more...

How much weight do you want to lose?

15-25 Pounds

It's likely that this is the first time you've had to pursue a weight loss option.

Maintaining a healthy weight has probably never been a problem for you. Learn more...

"I wouldn’t say I’m over-weight, but I definitely don’t look like I did in my 20’s. I lost 7 pounds in the first week and 15 total in only 3 weeks." Adrienne

25-50 Pounds

Although your weight hasn't always been a problem, this probably isn't the first time you've considered a diet plan. Learn more...

"I seriously lost 13 pounds in the first week. That made it easy to keep going. I ultimately lost over 40 pounds." Shannon

50+ Pounds

You've likely struggled your weight your entire life. The household you grew up in probably didn't give you much of an opportunity to eat healthy. Learn more...

"I lost 12 pounds in the first week and just kept on losing. I have lost 160 pounds and I am here to say that if I can do it, you can too. This diet gave me a new lease on life and the self-respect I needed!" Marci


Are you aware that the term HCG Diet and related keywords get nearly 30 million Google searches per month?

Why? Because it works!

Is the traditional diet easy? NO, it’s brutal! But it doesn’t have to be… Introducing HCG 2.0.

HCG is searched 30,000,000x a month.
The original HCG diet hasn't been updated since 1954.


That's why I wrote and published HCG 2.0. A diet need not be the undertaking of a lifetime to achieve life-changing results.

Keep in mind this is no “magic pill” diet. But, HCG 2.0 is a low-calorie diet that you CAN stick to and achieve long lasting results, even if you’ve struggled with weight-loss in the past… especially if you’ve struggled with weight-loss in the past.


The original HCG diet was developed and popularized in 1954 by Dr. Alfred T.W. Simeons.

Dr. Simeons’ protocol is extremely strict and difficult, even dangerous, to sustain. It allows for only 500 calories to be consumed daily, regardless of your weight, height, and gender.

In fact, Dr. Simeons’ original patients would be admitted to his clinic so they could be observed and supported throughout the diet.

These patients were removed from the everyday stresses of work, chasing children around and helping them with homework, and resisting late-night temptations while making dinner for families.

It's important to note that the theory and physiology behind the HCG Diet is still widely accepted in the medical community, but it's the protocol that was in need of revision.

Dr. Simeons personally oversaw every patient doing HCG in clinic.
500 calories a day is unsustainable.


500 calories a day is not only impractical for today’s working adult: it simply isn’t safe or sustainable without clinical supervision!

Most participants of the original HCG diet report the following side-effects: piercing headaches, continuous and gnawing hunger, heavy fatigue, and depression.

As a result, many drop out feeling like they’ve failed, when in actuality, you simply can’t live in today’s fast-paced world on 500 calories a day. Nor is it necessary to see life changing results.


When I first began practicing with HCG, I liked the idea of offering my patients rapid weight loss, and the longevity of the traditional HCG diet made it appealing.

However, even given the success that many experienced, there were just too many inadequacies, especially in regard to the limitations on protein. It wasn’t something I could offer my patients in good conscience. So, I created HCG 2.0.

What makes HCG 2.0 so effective? HCG 2.0 uses advanced research into low-carb, ketosis dieting; caloric ratios and basic food chemistry that allows dieters to maintain healthy muscle while strictly losing unwanted fat.

"I’ll say that for you, it’s not only possible, but LIKELY you will experience dramatic, life-changing weight loss with HCG 2.0."

Calculate Your Daily Calories On HCG 2.0

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  • It is tailored to the individual. Everyone has different protein demands, so assigning just 500 calories a day to EVERYONE is foolish. HCG 2.0 uses a unique BMR calculator which uses your current weight and height to determine the perfect number of protein calories for YOU to consume to lose rapid weight, while not experiencing the side effects listed earlier.
  • It uses recent developments in food chemistry. When Dr. Simeons popularized the HCG diet, “food chemistry” wasn’t a studied field. By using modern day food science, HCG 2.0 teaches you how to eat smarter so that you get the proper nutrition without the wasted calories that only contribute to weight gain.
  • Food portions take the kind of food into consideration. The smarter you eat, the more you can eat. HCG 2.0 provides protein and veggie charts listing items from best to adequate. If you choose the items at the top of the list, you’re allowed larger and more satisfying portion sizes. This also educates you on how to maintain your weight loss.
  • It's all in the tone. The tone of the original diet is so strict that it frightens many would-be dieters away. Any attempt to improv your quality of life will not end in failure. And trust me, this is a very sustainable diet. If you don’t believe me, just visit our private Facebook page and ask.


Weight loss is never easy. If it was we’d all fit into our fav jeans and obesity wouldn’t be epidemic. However, eating smart is easy and quite satisfying.

No matter what diet or program you use, there will be challenges. For most of us, change is tough… but the rewards (in this case, weight-loss and healthier lifestyle) are worth it!

That being said, I’ve seen more patients succeed with HCG 2.0 than any other diet. So while I can’t say HCG 2.0 is easy, I will say it is more sustainable for the modern lifestyle.

More, I’ll say that for you, it’s not only possible, but LIKELY you will experience dramatic, life-changing weight loss with HCG 2.0.

"I am enjoying this revised protocol, it works just as well, if not better than the original, and I am not at all hungry! That’s a huge plus!!!"

HCG 2.0 is for both men and women.

The HCG Hormone

While the low calorie diet itself is what causes the rapid weight loss, the process is facilitated with the HCG hormone.

HCG is produced naturally during pregnancy for the sole purpose of providing a 24/7 calorie source for the growing baby. We were all exposed to massive quantities of it in the womb, so it’s safe for both men and women.

What the HCG hormone does is simple:

  1. HCG targets your weight loss so that you maintain muscle mass while strictly losing from abnormal fat deposits… more commonly known as our “trouble spots.”
  2. HCG suppresses appetite by enhancing Ketosis, a healthy metabolic process that converts fat stores to usable calories. As a result, your body will sustain itself on your stored fat, making you less hungry on the low calorie diet.
  3. HCG has the capacity to “reset” your metabolism when used with the HCG 2.0 guidelines. This allows you to successfully maintain your weight loss.


Dr. Zach says:

"Chris was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and they'd both decided it was time for a change.

Kathi had tried the original HCG diet before, but couldn't sustain it because the hunger was unbearable.

Their first time on HCG 2.0, they each lost 30 pounds. They began round two on Jan 1st, 2015.”



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