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Sustain allows you to maintain your weight loss. It does this by giving you fat-burning and appetite suppressing supplements while your body readjusts to its new shape and weight – the shape you have now. The one without the excess fat.

That being said, Sustain won’t do all the work for you. Another critical part to keeping your rapid weight loss is limiting your carbs. During the 30-40 days that you’re using Sustain, you need to continue to limit your carbs as described in the maintenance phase of my 2.0 plan.

Remember, carbs are nothing more than fuel. They provide your body with very little of the nutrition you need to thrive. Sure you feel “full”. But you also feel bloated, tired, and… yes… still hungry.

Proper nutrition, on the other hand (adequate protein, a 1:1 ratio of good fats to bad fats, and phyto-nutrients), is what helps you finally feel full. And energized!

Feeling full isn’t a result of eating more, it’s a result of eating smart.

This is the purpose of Sustain. It gives your body nutrition you desperately crave… that you wouldn’t get in your diet otherwise. This is how it can contain all natural, healthy ingredients, and still help to reduce your appetite.

Although it won’t erase hunger completely, it will give you that edge you need to keep your losses when life hits you.

In addition to providing you with high-quality, purposeful ingredients, it serves as a reminder. A reminder that smart calories brought you weight loss. And it’s smart calories that will keep your weight loss.

Sustain is an insurance policy on your success

Sustain Appetite Suppressant Pellets

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