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B12/HCG Nasal Spray


Totally innovative, this new delivery system not only injects the HCG directly and almost immediatly into the bloodstream, it accompanies it with a full daily dose of Vitamin B12. If you are one of the many that suffer from B12 deficiency because you have difficulty absorbing B12 via the Gastro-Intestinal Tract, this is the product for you. To learn more about B12 deficiency and if you might suffer from a variation of it, click the blog here


The B12/HCG Nasal Spray is often combined with our HCG Patch for maximum fat loss and craving control. 


The Bad News

Despite the addition of Aloe to the spray, there is still a slight burn. That said, no one has returned the product as a result. 


Directions: Use one spray in each nostril in the morning, use one spray in each nostril in the evening and one spray before bed in just one nostril for a total of five sprays.





HCG Nasal Spray

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