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Why Mother's Day Is the Perfect Weekend to Begin Your HCG Diet Protocol

Updated: May 3

Are you crazy? Begin a diet on the best brunch day of the year? Ask me this question again over Memorial Day weekend when you're down 15-20 pounds.

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Below are Five Reasons to Eat with a Purpose Over Mother's Day Weekend...

Mother's Day isn't just a time to celebrate the incredible women in our lives; it's also the perfect opportunity to kickstart healthier habits - together. This year, consider beginning your HCG diet on Mother's Day weekend—a strategic choice that aligns beautifully with both the calendar and the spirit of the holiday. Here are several compelling reasons why Mother's Day Weekend is ideal for starting your HCG weight loss journey:

1. Perfect Timing with Memorial Day: Starting the HCG 2.0 protocol on Mother’s Day places you roughly three weeks ahead of Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer and swimsuit season. That's right, if you haven't picked out your 2024 bathing suite yet, you don't have much time left.

Speaking of time, beginning on Mother's Day Weekend is optimal because the most dramatic weight loss on the HCG 2.0 diet typically occurs within the first two to three weeks. By Memorial Day, noticeable results can boost confidence just in time for bathing suits and poolside selfies.

2. Indulgent Beginning with the Loading Phase: Is there a mom out there that doesn't love a good Mother's Day brunch? With HCG 2.0, treat your self to two of them - both Saturday and Sunday!

The Loading Phase is a critical part of the HCG 2.0 protocol. I cannot stress this enough. If you want the early and exaggerated weight loss that is so common with the HCG 2.0 protocol, it is necessary to over-consume on fatty foods for two days prior to beginning your low-calorie phase. Why? Click the link here to watch Dr. Zach explain.

HCG 2.0 begins with The Loading Phase and requires dieters to over-consume on fatty foods (and even a couple of adult beverages), which is wonderfully convenient considering that Mother’s Day gives moms the green light to over-indulge. You can enjoy your celebratory brunch guilt-free, knowing that it serves the practical purpose of priming your body for the diet. Eat (and drink) with a purpose over your special weekend.

3. Building a Support System: Diet success is often bolstered by having a strong support system. What better way to ensure you stick with your goals than by teaming up with loved ones? Mothers, daughters, aunts, (even granny) can start the HCG diet together, turning a personal health goal into a collective family effort. This shared commitment not only makes the journey more enjoyable but also keeps everyone accountable.

4. Motivational Milestones: Seeing quick results can be incredibly motivating, and the HCG 2.0 protocol, once called the best diet you've never heard of by eWellness Magazine Online, delivers the most exaggerated weight loss in the early stages of the diet. Beginning the diet on Mother’s Day allows for these early victories to occur right when you need them most. In the beginning. Right before pool season is upon you. This ensures that you and your diet partners are motivated to keep going after seeing the desired results on the scale and in the mirror.

5. Celebrating Health on a Day of Appreciation: Finally, what better day to begin a journey toward better health than on a day dedicated to celebrating the most important women in our lives? Starting the HCG diet on Mother’s Day adds a meaningful layer to the holiday, emphasizing care, health, and wellness, not just emotionally. but physically.

This Mother's Day, consider giving the gift of health and togetherness by collectively starting the HCG 2.0 Protocol together. It's a thoughtful and intentional way to bond with loved ones and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle, together.

HCG 2.0 is a ketosis version of the original HCG diet

HCG 2.0 - Don't Starve, Eat Smart and Lose: A Modern Adaptation of the traditional HCG Diet was first published by Dr. Zach LaBoube in 2013. It is described as a contemporary ketosis based version of the original Pounds and Inches HCG Diet Protocol. It has nearly 1000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.4 star rating. Since it's publication, HCG 2.0 has helped thousands achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. To meet them, click here to visit the HCG 2.0 Private Facebook Group.

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