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What are Whole Foods and Are They Part of the HCG Diet?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

What are whole foods and do they apply to the HCG diet?

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Green veggies are unlimited on the HCG diet.

In a nutshell, a whole food is a food that is unprocessed or unrefined. If you’ve ever heard someone tell you to shop the perimeters, the reason is because most of the whole foods are located on the perimeters. Any fruit or vegetable would be considered a whole food. Meat products are whole foods, as well as eggs. Frozen foods can be whole foods too, such as frozen vegetables. Anything that requires processing or added preservatives would not be considered whole foods.

There are varying degrees of processing in foods. Most dairy requires little processing. The foods you want to stay away from are the pre-made meals. They’re highly processed and full of sodium and preservatives. They’re designed strictly for shelf-life, not your health. A grocery store loses profits if food goes bad while sitting on the shelf.


How does this relate to the HCG diet? One of the reasons HCG dieters are so successful keeping the weight off is because HCG dieters, whether they realize it or not, are acquiring a taste for whole foods while on the low calorie phase. The only allowable foods on the HCG diet are whole foods. Taste is an acquired sense. The healthier we eat, the better healthier food will taste.

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