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Patient Suggestions for HCG Diet Recipes…

Updated: Mar 25

Skillet egg recipe for HCG diet

Dr. Z gave me a few HCG diet recipes for breakfast options, most notably the egg white and spinach omelet and whey protein shakes with frozen fruit. But on the weekends, I want something a little more exciting! So when I came across this healthy, low-carb breakfast article on Buzzfeed, I had to share with Dr. Z. He asked me to write a blog about it, commenting on the ingredients and highlighting my favorites. (I hope this isn’t a test!)

My favorite HCG diet recipe on this list is number one, the skillet baked eggs. To make it a little more HCG 2.0 friendly, use egg whites only, or maybe sub one of the eggs for egg whites. Also, make sure to use greek yogurt as the recipe suggests! The recipe calls for drizzling butter over the eggs at the end, but this is just added calories… It’s great without this step!

Skip down to number 7, Breakfast Bell Peppers. I substitute ground turkey for chorizo or just leave it out! Also, since I only make one, I use one whole egg and one egg white. And of course, I take out the cheese. But the flavors in the pepper make up for the loss! What I like best about these is that each one can be individualized. So if you’re baking for your family, you can put cheese in your children’s peppers and just leave it out of yours.

Keep in mind, most of these recipes are weekend only treats for us HCG 2.0ers! And as you’ve seen above, many of them need a little modification based on what Dr. Z has taught us in his book. But, the list gives us some more fun options when we have time to cook a weekend breakfast/brunch, as well as ideas for when we move into the maintenance phase of the HCG diet. You’ll miss your donuts a little less!

Laura M.

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