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HCG Prices Are Rising... and RISING!!

If you already read this in your email, no need to read again.

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Before we get into the not-so-god news, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter holiday with friends and family. If you were one of the many that loaded over the weekend, congratulations!!! The next 2-3 days might be difficult because it can take time to reach an optimal state of ketosis, but when you do, the ketones calories from your stored fat will work to satiate you. If you can keep yourself in an optimal state of ketosis, you won't be hungry. But it can take 2-3 low-calorie days (even with the help of the HCG). Be prepared for that.


And listen, if you're in the middle of the diet and you over-indulged a bit this weekend, don't sweat it. It's not a race. Just get back to doing the right things (keeping your carbs below 30 grams per day) and you'll be fine. Don't let one slip up lead to more.


There is actually a lot to discuss. Unfortunately it's not great news...


  1. I have to start charging for Teachable again. If I continue to give the class away for free, they don't rank me on search. It's upsetting. The price will be $19. That said, my book is available in the online store for $14. If combined with an HCG purchase it's only $9. I've said this before, the more you know about this diet, the easier it is to make the sacrifices necessary to have success. You can find links to both in my Quick Start Guide here.  

  2. I am also raising prices on all of my HCG products. I've already raised price on the drops and nasal spray by $20. Why? The FDA and FTC is pressuring the industry again. This is why the pellets will not be back in stock. We have to make some concessions. Hopefully the Drops or Nasal Spray will not be next. Patches are a little bit different. They are not for "human consumption," so they are not as scrutinized. The prices will remain where they through April, but unless things change, I will likely be raising them across the board on all HCG products because of these concerns. Feel free to shop around. You're not going find much. Even the garbage HCG you find on Amazon is priced in the $80s now. However, I've been dealing with these issues since I began working with HCG in 2010. If you want to learn more, you can read the blog here.  

  3. Some good news.... I've lowered the prices on ALL of my vitamin supplements to help you out where I can. I've also switched from the single-use plastic bottles to shatterproof glass. I am so happy to be rid of the plastic. If I can make some recommendations, my Photo Plus product is a really good one. It's a very affordable whole food supplement. Weight loss is more than calorie reduction. It's also about giving your body the proper nutrition it needs so that it will reward you with a healthy satiety response. Photo Plus is perfect for this. Additionally you can open the capsule and pour into a bottle of water for a nice little beverage. When you combine the Phyto Plus with Collagen Plus (for more than hair, skin and nails) you get a $5 discount. We call this the InsideOut Package - Intrinsic health plus aesthetic beauty.

My sleep aid product called ZZzz-Time with 5-HTP is also a fav. 5-HTP is the main building block for Serotonin. It helps you sleep AND facilitates Serotonin production while you sleep. If that doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will?

collagen Plus for hair skin and nails
Combine Phyto Plus and Collagen Plus (The InsideOut Package) for an additional $5 savings

To summarize, you have a couple of days before I start charging for Teachable again. Once you sign up, it's yours for life. Regarding Teachable, it is best to use the most updated version of Google Chrome to view. So if you are using an outdated version of IOS, it will not work. Keep that in mind


In regard to the increasing prices on HCG - If you have multiple rounds to do, you're entirely allowed to order 2-3 bottles, or patches, or whatever delivery system you prefer. But please don't go over-board. I am not going to put a cap on how much you can order, but let's keep everyone's wellbeing in mind.


Have a great week everyone! If you haven't joined our private Facebook group, it's a great resource for knowledge, recipes and support. Give it go.


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