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HCG 2.0 Recipe – Fresh Tilapia Mexicano

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Prep and Cook Time: 20 minutes

Servings: 2

My brother, Dr. Zach and I are vacationing in Mexico this week! He and a friend of mine along with our kids are renting a condo in Playa del Carmen. I have been looking forward to doing some cooking in a new place with some local favorites. This particular recipe however, was easy here and would be at home also. It’s very simple but packs a punch of flavor. I had to make something for us while keeping the kids in mind also, a task that I am quite used to.

Although Mexico is a haven for the all-inclusive resorts, my family and I always end up eating badly and way too much. Not to say that they don’t offer healthy options but when the fruit and salad bar are competing with the spread of heavenly desserts nearby, what are we going to do? The familiar phrase, “but, I’m on vacation,” can also quickly ruin the results and confidence we worked so hard to get leading up to our getaway. This is one of the reasons we tried something different this time and rented a condo. Here, we have a bit more opportunity to do what we want AND we get to experience shopping at the markets for the local fare. Though a bit of a challenge, it’s overall a great experience for the whole family. The kids loved seeing the differences in how life is lived here and especially trying some of the foods unique to Mexico, like the fresh tortillas and cactus. Exposing them to these new treats, and encouraging them to give them a try is educational and builds the confidence in the world around them to trust and embrace diversity, a tool for life we may not have had the opportunity to have as children. A tool for life that will build a sense of belonging not just with their family and friends they are with, but a sense of belonging in the world, a gift that will take them far.

This being said, don’t get me wrong, we are splurging here and there. The bakeries and bars are plentiful. We get our fair share of the good stuff, but simply try to balance it with the healthy lifestyle we are used to at home. It can be done, and if at first you don’t succeed, try – and try again.


2 tilapia fillets

garlic salt


1 medium tomato

1 small onion

2 sprigs fresh cilantro

1 jalapeno (optional)

romaine or bib lettuce leaves



  1. Season the tilapia fillets with the garlic salt and cumin to your liking and saute them until done.

  2. For the pico de gallo, chop the tomato, onion, cilantro, and jalapeno. Mix with some more of the garlic salt, to taste.

  3. Place tilapia on a piece of lettuce with some pico and some fresh lime juice.

I got some fresh tortillas, chips, and manchego for the kids to make tacos. Mui Bien!

Click here to download a printable recipe Fresh Tilapia Mexicana

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