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FREE HCG Diet Recipe for the 3rd Week of May

HCG Diet Recipes

If you’re familiar with the HCG diet, you’re aware that food options are limited and getting bored with foods can be a “recipe” for disaster. Don’t jeopardize your HCG diet success with by falling victim to the monotony of eating the same foods for every meal. Switch things up. Try things you’ve never tried before like Chard or Kale. Mix up your protein options. Mushrooms and peppers can be added in the 3rd week, so go to your local farmers market and pick up some exotic mushrooms to put on the grill. Anything to mix things up.

InsideOut Wellness and HCG Weight Loss will bring you one new  and free HCG diet recipe per week. So if you find yourself getting a wondering eye at the supermarket or driving by fast food restaurants that aren’t on the way home, log into the IsideOut Wellness blog for something new and exciting to eat.

Your HCG diet recipe for the low calorie phase is below is below…

Sweet Asian Cucumber Salad

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