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Eat With A Purpose on Super Bowl Sunday and Bypass Starvation Mode with HCG 2.0

Start your HCG diet on super bowl and bypass starvation mode
HCG 2.0 - The Super Bowl of Diets

Why is dieting so difficult?

It’s difficult to fathom beginning a weight loss program on Super Bowl Sunday. It's one of the best eating holidays of the year with delicious tailgate delicacies such as nachos, chili and hot wings. Not to mention the adult beverages. But that’s exactly what I’m suggesting you do. Here's why...

Dieting isn’t easy. Nor is it supposed to be. To use a football term, it butts heads with normal human evolution. The human species has evolved because we've learned to sustain ourselves on a minimal amount of calories. The ability to be extraordinarily efficient with our calories is what gave us the ability to survive long winters and famine. We've also become very good at storing away calories in the form of fat. Too good, in fact.

The human condition is quite different now than it was just 100 years ago. We now have an over-abundance of calories to deal with. Excess calories are everywhere. And they require no preparation. They're highly processed and immediately ready for consumption. So we consume. To excess. These highly processed

This is why obesity has sky-rocketed. And why dieting is such an uphill battle.

Not only are we battling a cheap and overabundant amount of highly processed calories, but a genetic predisposition to retain calories in the form of fat.

But there is a solution. It's HCG 2.0. It's a smarter HCG diet that allows you to quickly lose weight from stored fat while maintaining healthy muscle mass. Specifically, the loading phase of the HCG 2.0 diet allows you to bypass starvation mode and to induce rapid weight loss.

What is Starvation Mode and Why Does it Inhibit My Weight Loss?

When you drastically reduce calories, as you do with dieting, it can be very alarming to your system. Your body's natural survival instincts will kick in assuming there is a shortage in food supply. Your body will actually become more efficient with it's calories making them more difficult to lose. This is what's known as starvation mode and it makes dieting very difficult. So you need to outsmart your own human physiology.

Loading on fats, or over-eating on fats for two days causes liver enzymes to spike. Thus spike in liver enzymes is what allows you to bypass starvation mode and leads to rapid weight loss in the early stages of HCG 2.0. It's not uncommon to lose 10-15 pounds in the two weeks on HCG 2.0. If you don't believe me, just join our private Facebook group and scroll through some of the posts. See for yourself.

By the time your liver enzymes return to normal levels, your HCG supplement has already tapped into your fat reserves and is providing you with supplemental calories from stored fat. Thus, bypassing starvation mode and facilitating rapid, yet healthy weight loss.

Alyssa lost 13 pounds in 11 days on HCG 2.0
13 pounds in 11 days - not bad!!??

What does all of this mean? It means you have the green light to eat all of your fatty favorites during the first two days on your HCG weight loss protocol.

In addition to jump starting the diet, it provides you with motivation to begin. Many will schedule their HCG 2.0 diet to begin on holidays or vacations. Super Bowl Sunday is a big one.

The loading phase of HCG 2.0 also alert the liver to begin attacking and oxidizing stored fat, rapidly removing them from the system. This combination is why the most exaggerated weight loss on HCG 2.0 is experienced in the early stages of your diet. It's motivating.

What is the difference between HCG 2.0 and the traditional HCG diet?

  1. HCG 2.0 uses a BMR calculation to determine the amount of calories on your individualized HCG diet.

  2. It encourages 15 – 20 grams of lean protein for breakfast.

  3. It suggests a lean protein, low-carb snack before bed, improving sleep and providing necessary protein for cellular regeneration.

  4. HCG 2.0 recommends exercise.

  5. It provides a wider variety of protein choices and greater portion amounts of leaner items that are higher in nutritional value, but void of empty calories that only contribute to weight gain.

  6. It also offers a wider variety of vegetables and discourages root vegetables such as onions which are significantly higher in carbs than peppers, broccoli and many other veggies that are not allowed on the traditional HCG diet.

Dr. Zach of InsideOut Wellness

Dr. Zach

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