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What’s the Right Low Calorie Snack for Your HCG Diet?

Updated: Mar 27

low calorie snacks for hcg diet from my fitness pal

I remember when I had my first drink of beer. I’m pretty sure there was some peer pressure involved and I recall trying to pretend that I enjoyed it when in actuality it was awful. I remember asking myself, why would anyone CHOOSE to drink this stuff.

Of course, that was a long time ago and now I more frequently wonder why anyone WOULDN’T choose to drink it. I think the same can be said of German food. I’m from a predominantly German community so I’m accustomed to the brats and kraut and all of the typical German delicacies. However, when doing some traveling with friends from the east coast, they found it appalling. I had acquired a taste for it while they did not.

While you’re on the low-calorie phase of your HCG 2.0 diet protocol, you should try to experiment with foods that you don’t always eat. Try some new veggies or tuna fish or other more healthy items that you’re not accustomed to eating. Or, try eliminating a high-calorie condiments such as ranch dressing or mayo. By addressing these habitual aspects of your diet and substituting low-calorie, high-nutrient foods to replace the SAD (Standard American Diet) items in your diet, you can easily shave 200-300 calories from your daily routine. What does this mean to you and your HCG weight loss? It means you’ll have a much simpler time maintaining it.

To learn more visit WiseGeek. Pay attention to the foods that are pictured in relation to the original HCG diet and the foods that are listed in the P/FC charts in HCG 2.0. One thing I found disappointing is that they listed tuna in oil rather than tuna in water. The oil doubles the calories.

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