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“I started my first and only 30 day hcg 11/4/17. By 1/1/18 I had lost about 25lbs. I started low carb after that and I lost about 5 more by 3/1/18. I went from a size 10-12 to a size 2-4!! And I’ve kept it off by staying low carb. You can do this guys and gals!!”

Misti R.

I have been using HCG for the past 2 years and I think you can tell the difference!! I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Lost nearly 50 lbs and 20″ in the last 2 years. Can’t wait until 2019 to keep the weight coming off ~ Happy New Year early everyone!!

Debbie O.

Today is my one year anniversary of starting HCG 2.0 and I’m happy to say I’ve kept all of my weight off! I lost 30 pounds prior to starting HCG 2.0 and then another 35 pounds on HCG. The first 30 took me about one year to lose and the second 35 took me about 2.5 months on HCG. I did one long round starting September 26, 2017 and stopped just after Thanksgiving. 

HCG 2.0 works and it is possible to keep it off! Sure, I have bad days and bad weeks, but I keep things in check by weighing myself everyday and making adjustments accordingly (I know weighing everyday doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me. I’ve tracked my weight every single day for a year and am able to identify patterns quickly, see and understand when weight gain is just water or if it is “real” weight). 

Thank you so much, HCG 2.0! I never thought that my 40th year would be my best ever!!!”

Anne E.

“One week progress…down 8 lbs. Take progress photos!”

Christie C.

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