Why Men Prefer HCG 2.0 to the Traditional 500 Calorie HCG Diet

What is BMR?

Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the amount or number of calories that you need on a daily basis to maintain normal, at rest body function. These are the amount of calories you need if you were to remain horizontal for an entire day, which we sometimes do. I’m no exception. Keep in mind that a calorie is a unit of energy, so these calories represent the amount of energy needed to keep your heart beating, your kidneys filtering, your liver metabolizing and your brain thinking. This is determined by a combination of factors, primarily your height, weight, gender and age. You can calculate your BMR by visiting the InsideOut Wellness Home Page.

More About HCG 2.0 and It’s Benefits to Men…

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Other factors that make HCG 2.0 more sustainable for men than the traditional HCG diet is the removal of fruit and replacing it with lean protein. By adding SMART calories to the diet – high protein, low carb/fat items, and removing the Ketosis inhibiting fruits, HCG 2.0 is equally as effective, but safer and more sustainable, thus leading to more widespread success. Bear in mind that I’m not claiming that men would lose MORE weight on HCG 2.0 than you would on the traditional 500 calorie version of HCG Diet, nor was that my goal. My goal was only to provide men with a smarter, more realistic alternative to the older version. The increase in calories, all from lean protein, provides men with a more realistic opportunity to succeed resulting in greater optimism and higher completion rates.  A diet need not be the undertaking of a lifetime to yield life changing results. HCG 2.0 balances a realistic opportunity for success with healthy, rapid weight loss.

Women and HCG 2.0…

Does this mean that women can’t do the diet? No, of course not. Women make up 60-70% of my patients and have tremendous success. Again, I strongly believe the reason is because of the BMR calculation. By using the BMR calculation found on the homepage of InsideOutWellness.net the calories are determined by your age, gender, height and weight, creating an individualized diet to your specific protein demands.

Additionally, HCG 2.0 uses precise food chemistry, which was primitive at best when the diet was originally developed, to provide a wider selection of protein options, while also increasing portion size of items higher in nutritional value, but void of wasted calories that do nothing but contribute to weight gain. To learn more about HCG 2.0, visit our private Facebook support group. If you’d like to read some reviews of HCG 2.0 on Amazon, written by dieters just like you, click here.

Dr. Zach

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