Why HCG 2.0? Dr. Zach Discusses on SpotLight Talk Radio

Listen to Dr. Zach discuss his book HCG 2.0 – Don’t Starve, Eat Smart and Lose; A Modern Adaptation of the Traditional HCG Diet with Jessica of SpotLight Talk Radio.

Dr. Zach LaBoube

Since it’s development over 60 years ago, the HCG diet has helped millions lose rapid weight. However, in that time, the HCG diet has not once been updated to incorporate advanced research in low carb, ketosis dieting, caloric ratios or even basic food chemistry. HCG 2.0 is a smarter way to lose and has revolutionized the traditional HCG diet to accommodate the typical working adult.

To visit Dr. Zach’s YouTube channel and learn more about HCG 2.0, CLICK HERE.

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