When To Weigh In On the HCG Diet Protocol

In this program [HCG 2.0] it says to weigh once per week rather than every day. I am wondering why that is preferred since a daily weigh in may show if certain things, like perhaps a whey protein drink, are throwing me off. (I also had to cut back on the fruit allowance last time–I seem to be hypoglycemic. Not sure how to gag down the plain whey protein powder without added fruit.)  I am used to using a ketostick and weighing daily when I did it before.

The answer to the HCG diet question above is explained below and taken directly (word for word) from HCG 2.0 – A Modern Adaptation of the Traditional HCG Diet

Dr. Simeons demanded getting on the scale every day. I don’t believe this to be productive; in fact, I think it can be harmful. The same reason a financial analyst does not recommend that you look at your stock portfolio on a daily basis, so do I advise my patients not to look at a scale on a daily basis. Your 30-40 day diet is a marathon, not a sprint. If you do the diet properly you’ll lose 20+ pounds in 40 days. A single poor day on the scale, in which your weight-loss remains constant or possibly gain, can be demoralizing. This is especially true for women as a result of water retention. Weight loss may stall about the time of ovulation and within a day or two of menstruation. Heat is also a factor in water retention and will affect both men and women. Summers in St. Louis can be scorching and the amount of time you’ve spent outside in the heat can affect water retention and skew weight loss.

Another reason not to weigh yourself daily is that in the later stages of the HCG diet, weight loss may taper off. However, it’s likely that you’re actually converting fat mass to lean mass. As muscle tissue weighs more than fat, this may show up as a wash on your bathroom scale, but if you were to analyze body composition, you would see an increase in lean muscle mass and a decrease in fat mass. This is what results in a loss of inches in your problem areas, which you’ll notice in the way your clothes are fitting you. This is often overlooked by many dieters and a couple of poor days on the scale can diminish your motivation. Trust in yourself and the program and you’ll be thoroughly rewarded.  If you still feel it necessary to weigh yourself on a daily basis, then do so, but bear this in mind and allow the scale to tilt a bit either way.

I understand that the objective is to lose weight, but try and not be so results driven. Trust that what you’re doing is right and in the best interest of you, your health and in the best interest of those that love you. Shedding just 20 pounds can add years of longevity to your life. Too frequently, we think that our health only effects us, but it also means a lot to those that love and depend on you. You don’t need a scale to tell you you’re doing things right. Any effort to improve your help will most certainly be rewarded.

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