What to Eat on the Low Calorie Phase of the HCG Diet – Day 1

You’ve just completed the Loading phase of your HCG Diet protocol. Now it’s time for the real diet to begin. As you’re aware, the Low Calorie Phase of the HCG Diet isn’t quite as easy as Loading. However, it can be if you know not just WHAT to eat on the low cal phase of HCG 2.0, but how to prepare for it. And I’m not simply talking about food preparation, but preparing yourself.

As this is the first installment of our email series, What to Eat on the Low Calorie Phase of the HCG Diet there are some things you’ll want to pay to. The first is sustainability.

Today’s meal plan (Low Calorie Day One) – Today’s meal plan and recipe is a bit long-winded. They might be like this for the first couple days because I want to reinforce the sustainability factor of the diet. If you want your weight loss to be truly sustainable, you have to find a way to make this enjoyable for you. See below…

The HCG Diet Low Calorie Breakfast

3 egg white omelette with half tomato and spinach –  This is pretty self-explanatory. I’ll also have a black coffee. When I feel like I’m sliding into ketosis, I’ll begin adding a tablespoon of MCT powder or coconut oil to my coffee. Even when supplementing HCG Drops it can still take up to 5 days to reach an optimal state of ketosis. 

Eventually, I may ONLY have black coffee with MCT or coconut oil. A tablespoon of either has anywhere from 60-80 calories, but the unique quality of the fats actually fuel ketosis, thus increasing weight loss. To learn more about this see the blog here. Additionally, I feel that I don’t get as hungry prior to lunch when I don’t eat a whole food breakfast.

The HCG Diet Low Calorie Lunch

Tuna lettuce wraps with Starkist Tuna creations – See today’s HCG Diet recipe below for the recipe. If you like tuna, the HCG Diet is going to be a lot easier. Tuna fish is a super food for weight loss. Take a look at the link here regarding tuna.

Also, I like to be strategic with my meal planning. For example, I’ll use the other half of the tomato from breakfast for my wraps. It’s still fresh and nothing is wasted. As I’ve always said, planning is the key to having success with any diet, especially HCG. Don’t get caught with your pants down and nothing to eat. The only reason to be caught with your pants down is if they fall off because you’re losing so much weight 🙂

The HCG Diet Low Calorie Dinner

One full chicken breast prepared on the grill – Meat on the grill is always better tasting than meat prepared other ways. This is helpful in regard to weight loss, because it doesn’t need to be prepared in oil. You can simply season it and toss it onto the grill. 

To season the chicken, I’ll use just a basic chicken and/or fish seasoning from McCormic. Nothing too fancy.

Since I have the grill going I’ll grill all my vegetables as well. Tonight I’m going with a combination of zucchini and asparagus. I’ll drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil (maybe a tablespoon) over them primarily to keep them from burning. Most will cook off over the heat. I’ll also salt and pepper them before putting them on the grill.

Finally, I’ll have a lettuce and spinach salad with tomatoes. For dressing, I’ll use another tablespoon of olive and lots of vinegar. Salt and pepper it to taste.  

HCG Diet Tip

The thing to remember is that throughout the course of your HCG Diet, we want to focus on sustainability. You have to like and enjoy the food you eat in order to make your weight loss sustainable. That’s why I don’t worry about the tablespoon of olive oil I’ll use to cook my veggies. I’ll enjoy the meal more which will in-force positive eating habits. If you’re the type that refuses to deviate from the HCG 2.0 protocol, a good way to prepare meats in lieu of olive oil is either MCT oil or chicken bouillon. Both will add flavor while reducing calories. 

Also keep in mind that we’re all different in regard to our protein intake. I’m sorry girls, but men can get away with a lot more in regard to protein. Just know you numbers and keep it in the ballpark.

Finally, this is my (Dr. Zach’s) eating plan today. Kylene is a bit more precises and Judi is WAY more precise. I’ve said it before, my focus is on sustainability. I’m fine losing less but eating better foods so that I’ll nurture my taste for healthy foods. You need to find a balance that works for you. What is going to give you results but also perpetuate a taste for healthy whole foods? If you make this miserable for you, dieting and healthy whole food eating is literally going to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Keep your focus on sustainability. I really don’t want you to be doing this diet again next year, and neither do you.

Today’s HCG Diet Recipe

Tuna Lettuce Wraps

  1. I pack Sunkist tuna creation. There are several flavors. Some have more calories and carbs so keep that in mind.

  2. 6-8 large lettuce leafs.

  3. Celery (I like a lot of celery to make it crunchy)

  4. Onion (Same, but onions are root veggies and are much higher in carbs so keep that in mind).

  5. Tomato (I’m pretty generous with my veggies because I don’t eat anything starchy. If you’re adding some kind of starch, you’ll have to be more careful with your veggies.)

To prepare – Dice and mix everything up in a bowl. I don’t use any mayo or additional condiments. That’s the nice thing about the tuna creations. There is enough flavor without anything additional. Scoop them out into your lettuce leafs and enjoy. These also pack pretty well, so you can make the tuna mix in the morning and scoop it onto your lettuce at work. And very little clean-up.

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