What To Do If You Stall or Don’t Get Your Desired Results from Your HCG Diet Protocol

If you hit a wall on your current HCG diet protocol, see the conversation below…

I frequently get calls, emails and comments to Facebook or Slideshare from dieters that are doing the traditional version of the HCG diet, explaining that they’ve either hit a wall or they simply cannot deal with the extreme hunger. As a result, I thought I’d post a recent Facebook conversation I had with one of these dieters to illustrate that there is hope and you can still salvage your plan to reach your goals. The most important advice I can give is don’t panic and don’t give up. I understand that giving up on a diet can be very demoralizing and often has results that are worse than had you not began in the first place. This is so counter-productive to your goals and it’s not your fault. The traditional HCG diet was designed to be done on an in-patient basis. Yes, the original HCG diet plan developed by Dr. Simeons nearly 70 years ago was practiced on an in-patient basis only. Many spent a month to a year in Dr. Simeons clinic removed from the daily stressors of life and activities of daily living that necessitate huge amounts of calories. You can’t be expected to work, maintain a household, and chase your kids around on 500 calories per day, especially when the calories are distributed so poorly between carbs and protein. HCG 2.0 is a smarter protocol using current research into low-carb (ketosis based) dieting, caloric ratios and basic food chemistry, making a safer and MUCH MORE sustainable version without sacrificing the same rapid weight loss. Trust me!!

If you’re currently struggling through the original HCG diet protocol see the 3 easy steps below;

  1. Read the conversation below and you’ll soon see that all is not lost.

  2. Purchase my book off Amazon by clicking here. If you have an eReader, it’s only $3.99.

  3. DON’T PANIC AND DON’T GIVE UP. This is entirely salvageable.

Below is a Facebook exchange from myself and Renee…

Renee – I am currently on the HCG diet through a local doctors office. However I’m not losing like everyone else is and I’m hungry all day. The changes in the diet from the original with Dr. Simeons makes total sense to me. Is it possible to learn more about this application of the diet? I invested $500 for 30 days of HCG. I hate to waste that and switch to your drops but I don’t want to starve for a month and get poor results. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! stall on hcg diet

Dr. Zach – Hi Renee. Don’t stress. I’m sure we can salvage this for you. May advice would be to purchase my book from Amazon. Their shipping is a little quicker than ours. In the meantime, complete the BMR calculator on www.insideoutwellness.net which will give you the amount of protein calories you can consume per day on your HCG 2.0 protocol. Use this number and the charts I’m going to email you to determine your protein options. Also, eliminate all the fruit and bread sticks immediately. The more you do to help the HCG by limiting carbs, the more the HCG will do to help you. Email me and I’ll send you the charts that are included in the book and that should get you moving in the right direction until your book arrives. I previously worked with the prescription product as well and it wasn’t worth what I had to charge. With the proper protocol and a good homeopathic product, the weight loss is the same or better than the prescription. Email me and I’ll reply with the charts. Talk soon. hcg diet hunger

Renee – Hi Dr Zach, I’m not sure how to email you so I hope you will see this post. First, thank you so very, very much! I so appreciate your help! I have an E reader so I just downloaded your book! No waiting for it to ship! I did the bmr calculations. My bmr is 1337, my calories allowed are 534. Is that also the amount of protein calories I can consume each day? I’ll start reading right now! My email is reneemxxxxxx@yahoo.com hunger on hcg diet  I truly can’t thank you enough! This is so important and I’m trying so hard but getting nowhere. I’ll do everything you recommend! Stand on my head? I’ll do it!

Dr. Zach – I’ll email you shortly. We take our lunch from 2-4, so I’m not on my phone right now. I’m looking forward to seeing how much my protocol helps you, so it’s no problem. Yes, the 534 is the amount of protein you can consume daily (this doesn’t include the additional calories you get from veggies, see chart on veggies/carbs on page 40 – very important). The additional protein replaces the carbs. You’ll find it much more satiating.  And when you’re in an optimal state of ketosis, as you are on HCG 2.0 you’re being supplied with ketone calories from stored fat. This facilitates greater weight loss and also fools the body into thinking you’ve just consumed a meal as your system is content with available energy (ketone calories). I’ll follow up with email. No need to stand on your head just yet 🙂 hcg diet stall

As you can see, All is not lost!

One other thing you can do is view an article of mine that was recently published to Hub Pages titled: Three Simple Diet Tips to Facilitate 30 Pounds of Weight Loss and the Motivation You Need to Get Started.

If you have questions about your HCG diet protocol or product you can email me at DrZ@InsideOutWellness.net or post them to our HCG 2.0 Facebook Page. Best of Luck! 

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