What’s New – Nov. 2011

Sweet Treats

We all have a sweet tooth once in awhile, even after completing the VLCD phase of the diet!  If these feelings creep up on you, and you need something to satisfy the craving, try our new Wafer cookies (3 flavors) and Chocolate Soy Snacks.  These sweet snacks are an excellent source of protein, calcium, and fiber (Wafers: 15g protein, 9g fat, 6g sugar, 13 carbohydrates and 200-210 calories,  Chocolate Flavored Soy Snack: 15g protein, 6g fat, 8g sugar, 11 carbohydrates, 150 calories).   These maintenance friendly sweet treats are available at participating locations.  Stop by your local Pounds and Inches Away Store today and satisfy your sweet tooth!

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