Washington High School Band Fundraiser

Beat the Flu This Season By Purchasing Oranges and Grapefruit From WHS – All Proceeds To Benefit the Washington High School Marching Band

To comment on the fundraiser, the WHS marching band has been selling oranges and grapefruit for as long as I can remember. While most organizations, let’s not name names, are selling cookies, peanut brittle and all varieties of high-calorie, zero-nutrient crap – staples of the Standard American Diet, appropriately accronym’s SAD, the Washington High School band has taken the high road. Let’s patronize them this holiday season by stuffing your stocking with delicious and nutritious Florida oranges and grapefruit, all proceeds to benefit the WHS marching band.

Please share with Facebook friends and work colleagues alike. This is a win/win for everyone. Contact me via DrZ@InsideOutWellness.net with your orders and I will gladly forward them to Mara. If you’re in Washington, I’ll be participating in the delivery, so have your chiropractic, acupuncture and weight loss questions ready.

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