Two Common Questions Regarding the HCG Diet

Lose 20-30 pounds in 40 days.

If you’re new to the HCG diet protocol or have just begun researching HCG weight loss, you probably have questions. A majority of the patients that come into my office were referred by a friend that had success on the InsideOut Wellness HCG 2.0 diet protocol, so they’ve seen the positive results for themselves. However, if you’re researching HCG diet on your own, you probably have two questions…  Washington

  1. Does HCG work?

  2. Will I keep the weight off?

The first question is very simple and the answer is a definitive YES. EVERYONE loses 20-30 pounds on the low calorie phase of the HCG diet. Sometimes more, rarely, if ever less. The reason is because HCG 2.0 is a much smarter diet and therefore more sustainable. In fact, if you’re hungry on this diet, you’re doing it wrong. The more you help the HCG by limiting your carbs, the more the HCG will help you. And that is one of the key differences between HCG 2.0 and the traditional diet. And this all relates to a healthy metabolic process called ketosis.  HCG diet Washington

Now the second question is more complicated because only you can answer it and it will be determined by the decisions you make following the diet. If you immediately resort to your old eating habits you’ll absolutely gain the weight back. The word “diet” has wrongly assumed a short-term connotation when in fact your diet is your lifestyle. It’s a combination of everything you eat and drink on a daily basis every single day. The more permanent you want to make your weight loss, the more of your previous behaviors you’ll have to permanently change. The good news is that every thing you need to know is included in hour HCG diet drops package from InsideOut Wellness. It’s about eating smart, budgeting your calories and most importantly… making the time to do so. The poor foods in our diet are not our food of choice, but our food of convenience. You’ve got to MAKE the time to eat healthy if you want to make your weight loss permanent. wasihngton weight loss

So now that I’ve answered your HCG diet questions, now it’s time to ask yourself, are you ready to commit to this? If you’re still unsure, I’d like to read to you the closing of HCG 2.0 by clicking the link here. hcg in Washington

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