Tips to Begin Your HCG Diet Plan

Things to Do Before Starting Your HCG Diet

Getting Started With HCG

  1. Pick a start date and tell your family and friends. Let them know that you’ll soon be making some lifestyle changes as part your new outlook on your health. Not only will this ensure their support, but more importantly, it commits you to it. Better yet, find a friend or loved one to do the diet with you. As Deepak Chopra says, “success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone.” tips for hcg success

  2. Clean out your cabinets and refrigerator of all the junk food items that might be filling it. This is an easy way to avoid temptation. This may be difficult if you have kids in the house, but it’s also an opportunity to make improvements in their diet as well. hcg diet tips

  3. Visit your Doctor for a routine check-up and blood work. In addition to getting the green light from your physician to begin a weight loss program, you’ll also be able to compare your pre and post diet metabolic panel. You might be surprised at what a 30-40 day cycle of the HCG diet can do to improve cholesterol, blood glucose, HBA1C and blood pressure. I’ve written several blogs about the positive effects I’ve seen HCG have on blood chemistry. Visit for yourself.

  4. Go to the grocery store. You’re investing in your health and appearance so spare no expense. Buy organic as these foods have a higher ratio of nutritional content to calories. Experiment with things you’ve never tried before. For recipe tips, visit my blog. I try to add something new and fun on a weekly basis.

  5. Prepare your food ahead of time. Thaw out frozen meats. Grill some chicken breasts. Prepare some tuna salad. Cut and refrigerate vegetables. The poor foods we eat are seldom our foods of choice, but more often our foods of convenience. You’re probably to the point that you can finish my sentences by now, but I can’t say it enough; setting the alarm clock 15 minutes earlier in the morning to prepare your meals can make all the difference in your success.

Again, this diet doesn’t have to be the undertaking of a lifetime for you to achieve your desired results, but the recommendations above and below will help and motivate you.

For more information to help you begin your HCG Diet, click here.

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