Times Have Changed – So Should Your HCG Diet

Isn’t it time we introduce a little ketosis to the HCG diet?

I sincerely hope I haven’t offended anyone with the questionable nature of this short video, but I did it to accurately illustrate the difference between the original HCG diet and HCG 2.0. This is a joke, but it isn’t a joke in it’s factual accuracy. In the 1950s, doctors were delivering babies with cigarettes in their mouths.  In fact, cigarettes were marketed to expectant mother’s as stress relief, as was alcohol.

It’s absolutely crazy, right?

So why, may I ask you, WHY does it make any sense to participate in a diet plan that is equally outdated.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I believe Dr. Simeons views on weight loss are still quite progressive, even by today’s standards, but let’s be honest, he had limited resources. There was ZERO information on low-carb ketosis dieting, which we know know is the ONLY way to tap into unwanted fat reserves. Caloric ratios were very understudied at that time. He was unaware that fat contained 7 calories per gram while carbs and protein contained only 4 calories per gram. And finally, even basic food chemistry was unknown to him which is why grouped protein items such as beef in the same category as leaner chicken and fish.

However, with the limited resources he had, he got some pretty amazing results though, right? I mean the diet is still practiced with much success today. However, like all medicine, treatment protocols evolve, always for the better. And that’s why I wrote HCG 2.0. There’s a smarter way to lose.

Below are what I find to be the inadequacies of the traditional HCG diet and this is what inspired me write an update to Dr. Simeons brilliance. By no means am I saying you’ll lose more weight on HCG 2.0. but you’ll  find it much more tolerable and sustainable.

  1. Tone – I put this first on the list because I find it to be the biggest roadblock for most would be dieters.  What I’m addressing here is the all-or-nothing attitude that is portrayed in Dr. Simeons’ manuscript and nearly all of the current literature about the traditional diet. This frightens many patients away and is the typical reason most drop out before completion. Too often, patients on the traditional HCG diet will have consecutive “bad days,” and give up. That’s foolish and a by-product of this all-or-nothing mentality. My patients will use the word “cheat,” but it’s not a word I use. There is no “cheating” on any diet, only variations of intensity and success. Any attempt to improve your quality of life should not be feared, nor expected to end in defeat. Don’t give up! You can still have success even if you have a couple of “bad days.

  2. Measuring food items in weight rather than in caloric value – If you were shopping for a bracelet and your jeweler offered to set your precious stones in 100 grams of gold or 100 grams of copper, you’d be a fool not to choose the gold, right? For the same expense, gold has tremendously more value. The two metals may in fact weigh the same, but they’re not remotely equal. The same can be said for the protein options on the traditional diet. You’re allowed 100 grams of protein per meal. You may eat an equal portion size of fish one day and beef the next, but the caloric value is quite different. With beef, you’re getting roughly the same amount of protein you would in fish (value), but with almost triple the calories (expense). That’s not smart shopping. So why not make the two food items “equal?” By equal, I mean equal in calories. Two-hundred grams of white fish is roughly equal to 100 grams of chicken, which, in turn, is equal to about 80 grams of beef. If you’re a beef eater, this news may be upsetting, but it’s probably time to consider eating more fish. There are plenty of varieties, experiment until you find something you like; and give it some time. Taste is an acquired sense.

  3. The inclusion of high-carb fruit items and bread stick – In the traditional HCG diet about 200 of the 500 calories come from fruit and bread sticks, in some situation more. That leaves only 300 calories from lean protein sources. In fact, the numbers on Dr. Simeons’ diet don’t even add up. On a given day, you may eat a whole apple (130 cal), a whole orange (110 cal) an onion (120) and breadsticks (120 cal). This leaves only 50 calories from protein. Doesn’t make sense.

  4. Limitations on allowable vegetables and serving sizes – Simeons’ had a very specific list of vegetables that could be consumed on the diet. He claimed that when other vegetables were substituted or when vegetables were mixed, it acted to slow down weight-loss. I have trouble understanding this reasoning, especially considering his vegetable choices. For example, onions are allowed on the traditional diet while bell peppers and broccoli are not. Onions have double the calories and carbs of peppers and nearly triple that of broccoli. Carbs disrupt Ketosis and this is why I believe the weight loss to be inconsistent on the traditional diet. My advice is to do your best to keep your carbs below 30 grams per day and this is best accomplished by selecting green leafy vegetables and limiting root veggies. I hate to limit vegetables at all, but it’s necessary to maintain Ketosis. The veggie chart on page 42 is a good resource for comparing your vegetables. They’re listed from least carbs to most carbs. The items at the top of the list will be your best options and you’re allowed to mix them any way you choose. There is no need to count calories from veggies if you can limit your carb intake to less than 30 grams per day.

  5. Exercise – On the original HCG diet, here was NO exercise allowed. That’s because people were to weak to move because they were protein deprived. The BMR calculation used with HCG 2.0 allows your protein calories to be individualized to your size, gender and activity levels. Walking is recommend on HCG 2.0 and if you’re accustomed to exercise prior to starting the diet, then continue with it. You won’t have any problems because you’re getting adequate protein on 2.0.

The Ketosis HCG Diet – HCG 2.0

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