Three Steps to Avoid Hunger on Your HCG Diet

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

HCG works miracles, but it’s not a miracle pill

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With any diet or restriction in calories from a previous norm, you’re going to experience some hunger. The HCG diet is no different. However, with HCG 2.0 your hunger pangs usually peak around days 5 and 6 and then quickly subside as the HCG begins to tap into your unwanted fat and converts this fat into calories in a process called KETOSIS. These calories can then be used as an energy source allowing you to sustain yourself on your own stored fat, thus resulting in rapid weight loss. Women typically lose a half to a pound per day, while men often lose up to two pounds per day on the HCG diet.

So what do you do during days 5-7?

The good news is that while your hunger is peaking during the first week, so is your weight loss. The most exaggerated weight loss on the HCG diet is experienced in the first 10 days to two weeks. So while you’re hungry and possibly frustrated during the first week, you’re also being rewarded by losing 1-3 pounds per day. This will certainly motivate you to continue knowing that you’re already seeing success and that after day 7 it will get considerably easier.

However, to help you make it through the first week, follow the three steps below that have helped my patients achieve success…

  1. Load properly – I know the loading days seem counter-productive, but this phase of the HCG diet is equally as important as the low-cal phase. Not only does proper loading provide an immediate calorie reserve to sustain you in days 3, 4 and 5, but the sudden increase in fat consumption sparks the metabolization of fat, thus jump-starting the diet. So… over-consume on the fattiest foods you love. Carbs are okay too, but the focus should be fats. If this concerns you, over-consume on healthy Omega-3 fats like salmon, avocado and nuts. The bottom line, ask yourself what you can do to add more fat to your meals and do it.

  2. Prepare allowable foods ahead of time – Preparing your meals ahead of time will help you avoid temptation when you find yourself vulnerable. I tell all my patients that the poor foods we eat are often not our foods of choice, but our foods of convenience. Setting the alarm clock 15 minutes early to prepare the proper lunch and afternoon snack could make all the difference in your success.

  3. “Cheat” Properly – Let’s face it, 500 calories isn’t enough. When Dr. Simeon’s developed his HCG diet protocol in 1940’s Italy, resulting in his famous manuscript, Pounds and Inches; A New Approach to Obesity, food was grown fresh – organically. The nutritional value of the mass produced food we find in our grocery stores today isn’t what it was in 60 years ago. In addition, Dr. Simeon’s treated all his patients on an in-patient basis; absent of the activities and stress of our daily lives, which can consume a tremendous amount of calories. As a result, I often recommend a few food items to help my patients sustain themselves in the first week of their HCG diet, as I’d rather them “cheat” with foods that will have little or no effect on their success. They’re listed below… a. Green Vegetables – I give my patients the “green light” on green – with the exception of cucumbers or anything with seeds on the inside as they are higher in carbs. Celery, in fact, has negative calories. The calories you burn by chewing and digesting it are greater than that which is being consumed, so eat up! b. Chicken Bouillon – Most chicken bouillon cubes or pouches contains only 15-30 calories per serving, but sipping a cup can be quite filling. Don’t be concerned about the sodium because the positive effect of weight loss is greater than negative effect of increased sodium consumption. Sodium also facilitates your protein absorption. c. Beef Jerky – Not the crappy stuff you buy from a gas station, but quality, preferably organic, beef jerky that can be found at a Whole Foods or your local meat market. Beef jerky has a great protein/fats + carbs ratio, making it the perfect snack food. An ounce or two in between your meals accompanied by a couple of celery stalks won’t hurt your HCG diet weight loss.

  4. Yes, I know. This titled 3 steps to avoid hunger, but a weight loss patient I had today suggested that I add a 4th. She told me that when she gets hungry she brushes her teeth. Seems logical. Give it a try.

Keep in mind that the HCG diet is entirely anecdotal and continues to be perfected. It initially concerned me that in the spirit of “give an inch, take a mile” that my patients may abuse my additional recommendations, but that hasn’t been the case at all. If fact, I believe that making these “cheat foods” allowable during the first week, in fact, boosts morale and actually motivates my patients to achieve greater success. Best of luck with your HCG diet!!

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Dr. Zach LaBoube – HCG Diet Practitioner

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