The Only Way Thanksgiving Calories Won’t Count

“Thanksgiving calories don’t count.” Have you heard this one before?

It’s a favorite saying of millions before they sit down to eat their Thanksgiving feast. And, I absolutely don’t blame them. After all, Thanksgiving is the biggest “food holiday” of the year.

If you decide to limit yourself on Thanksgiving, not only will that take a ton of mental energy… you’ll be miserable. Watching your friends and family gorge themselves, on food you helped prepare, is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

To make it worse– with the best of intentions, they’ll ask you why you’re not eating as much. They’ll tell you that Thanksgiving calories don’t count. They’ll tell you to relax and live a little! Who could resist that?

Yet here’s the sad truth: Thanksgiving calories DO count.

It’s normal to gain weight leading up to Thanksgiving, then gain a lot more on Thanksgiving day, and keep gaining size through Christmas. By the time January hits, you may really want to make a change… but it’s a lot harder now than it would’ve been had you started on Thanksgiving.

Yet I can’t ask you to start a new diet plan on Thanksgiving, can I? Isn’t that way too difficult?

Sure– unless you do my HCG 2.0 plan.

That’s because it starts with a loading phase. In other words… you want to eat as much as you can during Thanksgiving dinner. So while millions around the globe either use sheer force of will to resist gorging themselves…

Or decide to screw it and binge on the turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and collard greens, feeling guilty as sin the next day…  2.0ers get to eat as much as like while feeling amazing about it!

One month later you’re down 20-30 lbs, in perfect time for January. You start off the new year more healthy… and more energized… than you’ve probably been in a while. You’ll look back and think, “wow, that really wasn’t bad at all!” 

So if that sounds good to you, I want you to know that my HCG 2.0 drops are $20 off (for this week only). That’s to motivate you to get started. Because if I can get you to start this month… your next year is going to rock!

So whether you plan to start 2.0 on Thanksgiving… or after… pick up your drops now while they’re $20 off by clicking here.

Use the coupon code “THANKSGIVING17” at checkout for your $20 discount.

Here’s to guilt-free feasting…

Dr. Zach – Author of HCG 2.0

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