The More You Help the HCG, The More the HCG Will Help You

  1. Ketosis facilitates weight loss by tapping into unwanted fat reserves. In fact, ketosis is the ONLY way to tap into unwanted fat reserves. Typically, these fat deposits tend accumulate in all the areas we don’t want them, such as our thighs and bellies. The purpose of these fat deposits dates back to our early ancestors when food supply was questionable. As a result, we stored away fat to sustain us through long winters and famine. Only when we’re deprived of carbs can we tap into these fat reserves.

  2. Ketosis minimizes hunger. If you’re in an optimal state of ketosis, you’re consistently being supplied with ketone calories. With this continuous supply of ketone calories from stored fat, your body responds with a feeling of satiety. In simpler words, you’re not hungry.

The traditional HCG diet, as developed by Dr. Simeons in his manuscript Pounds and Inches, allows for too many carbs. Even with the assistance of the HCG diet drops you will not be in a consistent state of ketosis, which means you won’t be fully tapped into your unwanted fat reserves and you won’t be supplied with ketone calories that diminish hunger. In simpler words, you’ll be hungry and you won’t lose weight.

If you help the HCG by limiting carbs, as you do on HCG 2.0, you’ll experience less hunger and greater weight loss. The bottom line is, if you’re hungry on the HCG diet, you’re doing it wrong.

HCG 2.0 – There’s a Smarter Way to Lose

Dr. Zach LaBoube

If you have questions regarding your HCG diet, you can email me or post them to our HCG 2.0 Facebook page here.  Just a final thought, I can assure you that if act now and purchase either the book or the entire HCG 2.0 diet package, you absolutely won’t be sorry. The biggest difficulty that most have isn’t the hunger or limitations on food options, but making the time to prepare healthy HCG 2.0 friendly meals. However, setting the alarm clock ahead just 15 minutes to prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch, whether on the HCG diet or not, may ultimately be a life-saver. Best of luck with your HCG 2.0 diet success.

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