The FTC’s Reclassification of HCG as a Pseudo Pharmaceutical Has Made Retail Difficult

I first heard the term “pseudo pharmaceutical” in regard to HCG not from an FDA report or a medical journal, but from my bank. Yeah, it was in an email that also included the phrase, “We are no longer able to provide you with merchant processing services.” This was obviously a shock because I’d been with the same bank and merchant processor since my inception in 2009. In the following months, this is what I learned…

In regard to health and wellness products, why are we talking about the FTC and not the FDA? We all know the FDA is the primary regulator of food and drugs, but the FDA has not said anything disparaging about HCG since 2012, when they sent seven cease-and-desist letters to seven online manufacturers of HCG. In these letters, there was no talk of banning HCG or any illegalities relating to its retail.  In the letters, seven companies were targeted for making outrageously false claims in regard to rapid weight loss. In addition, the HCG products being retailed were said to be FDA approved when they were not.

To clarify, HCG is approved in the FDA pharmacopoeia, but it is not FDA approved for weight loss. That being said, it is not remotely uncommon for doctors to prescribe medications for off label use. You see this all the time in medicine.

Why are we talking about the FTC and not the FDA?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates all business within the United States, from the little guys like me to the big guys at the top. Not only the medical industry but all business, total. And why does the FTC care about our little HCG Secret? The answer is because HCG works and it makes people thin and healthy. If people are thin and healthy, they don’t fill hospital beds, nor do they consume tremendous amounts of prescription drugs. This takes money away from hospitals, insurance providers and the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry that encompasses the biggest and most powerful lobby in our nation’s capital.

As a result of this partnership between the FTC and the pharmaceutical industry (and all health-care providers for that matter), they will continue to regulate, outlaw and limit the retail of HCG and other legitimate weight loss supplements. Even vitamins are now labeled, “pseudo-pharmaceuticals” by the FTC making them difficult to retail, especially online. Is this fair? No! Does it scare me? YES!

The FTC is extremely powerful. It certainly scares me that I am on their bad side, but I know that what I’m doing is right and I know that I have never done anything to mislead my customers or make any claims that are not backed up by my experience and expertise in this industry. I’ve said it in my book and in a million blogs, HCG is not a miracle pill. There is NO miracle pill for weight loss. The results are NEVER guaranteed. True and sustainable weight loss can ONLY be achieved with a reduction in calories and the addition of genuine nutrition to ones diet, which is what HCG 2.0 is all about.

HCG, or any weight loss supplement, is merely a facilitator. It makes weight loss and your transition into a healthy lifestyle more efficient. A supplement alone will never produce sustained and legitimate weight loss. However, what a supplement can do, in combination with the right diet, is jump start the ketogenic process and provide you with immediate success that will motivate you to reach your ultimate weight loss goals.

What exactly is the FTC doing and what is within their scope of power to limit the retail of HCG and other “pseudo-pharmaceuticals?”

This is how it works. By the way, this info was given to me by an insider, someone that works in the industry and understands how the FTC can regulate business practices while bypassing other government agencies like the FDA.

Over a year ago, vitamin supplements and weight loss products began to be re-classified by the FTC as “pseudo-pharmaceuticals.” It’s a flashy new name designed to make vitamins appear as dangerous, if not more, than prescription drugs.

They likely did this as a result of pressure from the pharmaceutical lobby and other health care providers. They warned that providing merchant processing (credit card transactions) for retailers of these products could result in fines. Then, within the last 3 months, the FTC made good on their threats and began fining merchant processing companies that were provide credit card processing to companies that retail these newly classified “pseudo-pharmaceuticals.”

As a result, merchants providers begin dropping companies like mine. Heavy fines imposed by the FTC do not make it profitable for merchant processors to work with vitamin and weight loss retailers. So again, they can’t do anything do me or my business directly without the help of the FDA. However, they can intimidate and/or eliminate the middleman.

Prior to 2016, I was with the same merchant credit card processing company since I began in 2010. Six years of continuous service with a total of ZERO charge backs. Since February, five different credit card processors have dropped me from service. Several more have rejected my application. In bypassing the FDA, the FTC has essentially made it impossible to retail HCG and other “pseudo-pharmaceuticals”  with no input from the medical industry. As of Wednesday (June 21) I will no longer have online credit card processing. I have no other options other than phone sales.

My HCG drops are manufactured in an FDA approved homeopathic facility. Additionally, as an added peace of mind, my manufacturer has an Arizona Pharmacy license. My product is entirely legal for retail, but not with the convenience of online credit card processing. According to the FTC, marijuana paraphernalia and eCigarettes are better suited for online retail. How crazy is that?

What does this mean for HCG 2.0?

I’m not sure yet. I may continue to retail my drops but it will require a bigger staff to take incoming calls. This will likely involve raising prices. I may discontinue my drops altogether and refer my followers to the prescription HCG products offered by Dr. Henry and Entourage Hormones (email me at if you would like a referral). Or, I may just focus on my next book and take a break from this.

What I do know is that if you’ve been considering HCG 2.0, now is a good time to get started. I have a lot of drops left in my inventory and they don’t expire until June of 2018. Get together with a group. I’m now offering coaching for individuals and groups. It’s good stuff. It’s not just about WHAT to eat on the diet, but more about lifestyle change and the associated mentality required to make your weight loss truly sustainable. A lot of is is from my next book that I am working on. Again, email me at

The lesson here is this…

The only person concerned about the health and well-being of you and your family is you and your family. It’s up to you to educate and feed your children healthy whole food meals. You cannot count upon our public schools or the government.

The medicine that we rely upon is nothing but damage control. It will not keep you healthy. It might repair you after you are sick, but it will come at an extraordinary cost. Take your health into your own hands.

Think clearly – Breathe easy – Feel happy

Dr. Zach LaBoube

Author of “HCG 2.0“

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