The Best HCG Diet On the Market – According to Stanley

And why there is no shame in adding a few pounds over the winter months…

Written by Dr. Zach

I received such a nice hand-written letter from Stanley yesterday, that I felt compelled to share his story. Stanley lives a couple hours south of St. Louis, so all of our consultations were done over the phone. In our first conversation he had explained to me that he had done the original HCG diet several years ago and the weight slowly found it’s way back.

“I want to say that this is by far the best diet on the market. I started at 206.6 on January 10, 2015 with 41 inch belly and ended on Feb. 11 at 181.2 and a 36 inch belly. 25 pounds lighter. I feel great. My BMI is at 22, normal. Thank you again.”

Stanley lost 25 Pounds

Before I go any further with Stanley’s story, let me first say that just because he gained the weight back over the course of a couple of years does in no way suggest that he failed or that the diet failed him. Life is never a constant. There are ups and down, highs and lows; and there are fluctuations in your weight. I have many women and men that do my diet once every year, generally in January as a New Years Resolution or in the spring to gear up for bathing suit season. Have they failed? Of course not, it means that they’re less active and a bit more complacent over the winter, but now that spring is in sight, it’s time to pull it together. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. The good news is they know HCG 2.0 is a simple and sustainable program that they can count on to shed the idleness of winter and get back into their sleek and tanned summer bodies.

With that said, Stanley was looking to do the same, however, he had one major concern. I’ve done a lot of weight loss consultation and I thought I’ve heard it all, but this one was quite unique and also extraordinarily endearing. Apparently Stanley lost his wife some years ago and didn’t know how to tell his current girlfriend that he wouldn’t be able to eat her cooking while on his HCG 2.0 diet protocol.

Initially, I had to laugh. I mean if you ask me, and as I explained to Stanley, this was a pretty good problem to have. He has a women that WANTS to cook for him – how is that problematic? As we discussed his unique situation, I began to realize exactly how unique it actually wasn’t. From all indications, Stanley and his girlfriend were very happy together, which in turn made me realize that happiness sometimes breeds complacency. The phrase “fat and happy” says it all and there is certainly alot truth to that. If you’re loved and accepted for who you are, your appearance shouldn’t matter – regardless of how much of it there is, right? The short answer is yes, but it’s a bit more complex. Don’t you owe it to your partner to maintain a certain degree of health and longevity? I mean after all, who’s going to be left holding the bag if something awful happens. Is that what you want for a loved one?

For the remainder of the conversation, we discussed both specifics and generalities about productive suggestions that he could make to his girlfriend that would inspire her to help Stanley reach his weight loss goals using HCG 2.0. Below are some of the specifics…

Steps to remove unnecessary calories from your diet

  1. Replace 2-3 red meat or chicken meals per week with fish which is equally high in protein, but leaner in fat.

  2. Replace some of the starches with vegetables such as cauliflower which can be pureed just like potatoes and have a fraction of the carbs.

  3. Replace vegetable oils with Omega 3 oils such as olive oil.

  4. Limit dairy. It’s inflammatory and adds unnecessary calories.

  5. Let food science work for you rather than against you. For baking needs replace wheat flour with gluten free Sun Flower Seed Flour.

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