The Best HCG Chicken Recipe – Chinese Slim Sum

We have a winner of HCG Diet Food!

Chinese Slim Sum (named by my daughter) Was going for Dim Sum, daughter said it totally tasted like it, I agree smile emoticon

This faux dumpling dish, cured my craving for Chinese! It’s a fantastic HCG Chicken recipe.

3.5 oz ground chicken 1 Wasa Cracker, smashed into crumbs Few dashes ginger powder Few dashes onion powder Few shakes garlic powder 2t Braggs liquid aminos dash cayenne (may omit, I like spicy) Few dashes Franks 4 oz mixed asparagus, cabbage, onion – chopped Julienne green onion and chopped cilantro

Prepare your veggies and set aside Put ground chicken in a bowl add 1t braggs, ginger, onion powder, garlic and cayenne use a fork and mash and mix well. Heat pan with some water (don’t worry it will evaporate) and you will continually add more. Make meat balls quarter round or so and add to pan Keep cooking adding water as you go, cook shaking pan to flip about 5 minutes, add more water place lid over let sit, add more water to keep de-galzing pan and cover again. Continue this process until chicken is cooked through… Remove lid and let brown up. Set them aside.

De-galze pan with water again (should have nice brown crusty’s that will help flavor of your stir fried veggies) Add veggies with another shake of ginger, garlic, onion, braggs and franks cook to desired consistency.

Serve “dumplings” over stir fired veggies.

Garnish with green onion and cilantro.

Delish! And filling!

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