The 4th is a perfect weekend to begin your HCG loading phase

Dr. Zach, why would anyone want to start a diet over the 4th of July? I want to crush some hot dogs, cheese burgers and guacamole. Well, with HCG 2.0 you can. In fact, the fattier the food, the better. All of the aforementioned items are ideal. As are a few beers.

How is possible?

Because, my HCG 2.0 Diet Protocol requires you to over-eat on fatty foods for two days prior to beginning the low calorie phase of the diet. It’s call the HCG loading phase. My 2.0 isn’t much different than the original HCG diet in regard to the loading phase.

Why over-eat on fatty foods prior to beginning a rapid weight loss diet? It sounds counter-productive, right? Not exactly.

The human body is designed to retain calories in the form of fat. Your body doesn’t want you to lose weight. Don’t get angry, it has your best intentions in mind, it doesn’t want you to starve.

It wasn’t all that long ago that food was more scarce, only bout 100 years. In the bigger picture of human evolution, that’s just a granule of Stevia in the old sugar bowl. Your body is trying to protect you from long winters or famine, things that don’t really exist anymore.

So how do we convince our bodies to shed this weight?

We outsmart it. This process that I just described is called starvation mode. Any time you diet, or drop caloric intake, it’s alarming to the system and your body reacts by becoming more efficient with it’s calories.

That’s why dieting is such and uphill battle. Not only are we struggling with our own poor eating habits, we’re also fighting with normal human physiology.

Loading up on fatty foods during the HCG loading phase causes your liver enzymes to spike. When this happens your liver goes into fat oxidation mode. It needs to deal with all of this fat you’re consuming and this is what allows you to bypass starvation mode and shed weight simply, quickly and safely.

And the good news is that the most dramatic weight loss is in the first 10 days to two weeks. It’s not uncommon to shed 10-20 pounds in the first week alone. See how Trisha lost 17 pounds in just 6 days. She completed her HCG loading phase and lost big. This early success is what will motivate you to continue.

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