Should I Continue Taking HCG During TOM (Time of Month)

Melissa’s question is in regard to menstruation or as she refers to it, Tom (Time of Month). She asks if it is advisable to refrain from taking the drops when Tom is visiting, as is recommended in Dr. Simeons protocol, specifically in regard to the prescription HCG injections.

I certainly don’t know Tom as well as my readers of the smarter sex, but from all of the research I’ve done on the HCG diet, hormone therapy and Dr. Simeons work, I can’t find anything in the literature to indicate that taking HCG, in drop form or prescription form, would be contraindicated for Tom’s monthly visit. Considering that you’re only supplementing the hormone for a brief amount of time, generally 30-40 days, it shouldn’t  be enough to disrupt ovulation or your cycle. If you plan on doing multiple rounds of HCG over the course of the year, you should ask your OBGYN if there are any potential consequences you should be aware of.

Dr. Simeons on TOM

In my book, HCG 2.0, I briefly touched on this.  The only heads or tails I can make of Dr. Simeons suggestion of suspending your HCG diet during TOM, is that Tom induces water retention which, in turn, can skew “weight loss.” I put weight loss in quotations because despite what your scale says, you’re still burning fat and reshaping your body. Sometimes the scale can work against you, which is why I recommend that dieters only weigh themselves once a week. Trust the system.

Melissa suggests that during Tom’s visit your natural HCG levels may rise, which really isn’t true. The only time HCG is produced in measurable quantities in the human body is during pregnancy. It’s used artificially to treat other conditions such as non-distended testes in boys and infertility, but it is only produced naturally during pregnancy. I might also add, that when treating these other conditions it is done so in concentrations 15 to 20 times greater than what is supplemented for weight loss. The average dose suggested by Dr. Simeons was 125 units per day while treatment for infertility can be as high as 30,000 units per day.


To summarize, as long as you’re aware that your weight loss may stall due to water retention during Tom’s visit, I see no reason why you should discontinue taking your HCG supplement, whether it be HCG drops or prescription HCG injections. menstruation period

And thank you again for your question Melissa. Not only have we cleared the air with Tom, we’ve successfully introduced the HCG 2.0 diet to internet surfers pursing information on Tom’s Shoes, Susan Vega’s Tom’s Diner and Tom Toms. menstruation during hcg diet

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