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The typical weight loss on my HCG 2.0 program is 20-30 pounds in 30-40 days? Men are usually at the higher end, sometimes over 40 pounds on a single round of my HCG 2.0. Women are typically in the middle, between 20 and 25. 

Is it hard to lose that much weight on HCG 2.0? Well, keep in mind that this is real and sustainable weight loss. Real weight loss takes real lifestyle change and lifestyle change isn’t easy. Why? because it requires you to address old habits, likely habits you don’t even know you have… and then you have to break them.

How do you break old habits?

You break old habits by forming new habits. Healthy habits. But that’s the easy part. The hard part is to first recognize your bad habits.

For example, as the video suggests, HCG 2.0 is more about calorie replacement rather than calorie reduction. It’s SMART weight loss.

You’re simply removing the worthless calories from your diet, the fuel that is so prevalent in the Standard American Diet (SAD), and replacing it with quality nutrition. The kind of nutrition that makes your body say “thank you.” And when your body is content with the proper nutrition it needs, only THEN will you finally and legitimately feel full. This is how you remedy a skewed and/or broken satiety response.

Sure, you can eat a McDonald’s extra value meal and your belly will feel full until you pull out of the parking lot, but you’ll be hungry again in an hour. Why? Because those calories, primarily sugar and carbs, are immediately stored away as fat. That’s all you get in a value meal, fuel. ZERO nutrition.

What are carbohydrates and why are they a SAD part of the SAD diet?

Are you aware that the gas you put into your car is called a hydrocarbon. The word itself is the inverse of carbohydrate. If you put ONLY gas into your car, without other maintenance, how long would your car last?

You may think this is a silly analogy, but is it? On The Standard American Diet, appropriately accronym’d SAD, we consume processed junk (mostly carbohydrates). In order to utilize these carbohydrates as a energy source, we need to combine them with oxygen.  The result of this combination of fuel and oxygen is energy. It’s makes the energy that is required to keep your heart beating, your brain thinking and your muscles moving. The by-product of this process is the CO2 that we breath off when we exhale. Food and oxygen in – CO2 out.

Same for your car. Gas and oxygen in, CO2 out. The carbs you eat are the gas. For children, their engine is always running, so carbs are not such bad thing. Kids need the energy. However, as adults, carbs are not so good. Because let’s face it, we’re not as active. As a result, this excess fuel is stored away in our bellies and thighs as fat… to be used at a later date.

Now again, what would happen if you ONLY put fuel into your car? Nothing else, no TLC, no oil, no lubricants, no antioxidants to keep it from rusting? How long would your car last? Not very long, right?

Same for you body. If you continue to fill it up with fuel while depriving yourself of proper nutrition – the protein necessary to maintain muscle mass and brain matter, the healthy fats needed to make cellular membranes, hormones and the myelin that surrounds your nerves.  Or phytonutrition, the plant-based food from vegetables that is used to catalyze ALL of the bio-chemical reactions that take place in the human body; what would happen?

In short, you’ll continue to gain weight… but additionally, you’ll remain malnourished and hungry all the time. Sound familiar? You’re body will continue to crave proper nutrition despite being overweight.

This is the Standard America Diet – We’re malnourished yet simultaneously obese.

What is the remedy?

First of all, you need to lose weight. There are a million ways to lose weight, but I suggest SMART weight loss. First, give your body what it needs. Give it the proper nutrition it craves so that it will reward you by saying thank you. Then, remove the things it doesn’t. I say SMART, but it’s really quite obvious.

This is what HCG 2.0 is all about. It’s calorie replacement rather than calorie reduction. To learn more about the history and physiology of the HCG diet and how HCG 2.0 improved upon that, click here.

How do I get my $25 discount? I’m ready to get started?

Simple! Share this link to your Facebook page. Then email me the link to your Facebook account and I’ll confirm your post and send you your coupon code. My email address is

If you have any questions in regard to the diet, you can include them in your email. In the meantime, join our Private Facebook group. If you have questions or if you’re still a bit skeptical it’s a great place to meet people just like you that have had success with HCG 2.0.

Think clearly – Breathe easy – Feel happy

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