Root Vegetables on the HCG Diet Plan

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Things I forgot to mention in the video…

1) Can I have fruit or not? In the book I say NO, but it is possible to have a small bit of fruit and still keep your carbs under 30 grams per day. Yes, that’s true, but I don’t recommend it, simply because I want you to eat more vegetables. Good eating habits start while you’re on the low calorie phase of the HCG 2.0 protocol. Taste is an acquired sense. The more vegetables you eat, the more you’ll like them. Furthermore, the more vegetables you eat, the less you’ll eat of low-nutrition, high-calorie junk that is ever present in the Standard American Diet (SAD). If you’re having a rough day and need some sweets, yes, have some fruit, but don’t do it more than once or twice a week while on the low calorie phase of your HCG diet.

Transcription of Video

Okay, this is a quick follow-up to the last question regarding vegetables on your HCG diet. So the next question pertains to root vegetables, which fall in between the carbs that are in fruit and the carbs that are in your green leafy vegetables. Root vegetables are in the middle. They’re higher in carbs, that means you’ll  have to eat less of them in order to keep your carbs under 30 grams per day. The same can be said for fruit. If it’s one of those days and you’re craving some sweet fruit, you can have a piece of fruit during the day, but that’s going to consume all your carbs. The same goes for root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes or onions. Root vegetables contain more starch, so higher carbs, that means your portion size is going to be a little bit less. So just eat smart. If you want to eat a lot more food, eat a lot more green leafy vegetables. If you feel like having a good starch, go ahead and have a baked potato, but that’s going to consume a lot of your carbs for the day. The same goes for fruit.

These are root veggies.

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