Questions on Fat Consumption, Ketosis and Inuit Insights

In reviewing Teresa’s email, it looks like she has roughly 3 questions regarding the physiology of HCG and nutrition in general. I’ll list her questions below and then answer them accordingly.

  1. Why limit fat consumption on the HCG diet? Would adding fat facilitate a more optimal level ketosis?

  2. Does protein covert to carbs?

  3. Would a pregnant woman produce HCG despite her diet?

  4. Is HCG an Amino Acid and if it is, why do we need to eat additional protein if it’s already being produced in the form of HCG?

So, if our goal is to lose weight, we don’t want to contribute additional calorie-dense fat. We want to limit our calories to lean protein. If we were simply trying to maintain a healthy weight, fats would be of less concern, especially if we were to get a 1:1 ratio of Omega 3s to Omega 6s.

The example I use in HCG 2.0 is that of our Inuit friends. The traditional Inuit diet is extremely high in fats and protein and very limited carbs – they have  next to zero incidence of heart disease, cancer or obesity. So, the question is, what is responsible… the ADDITION of healthy Omega 3 fats and protein or the ABSENCE of carbs?

I’ll answer this tomorrow along with Teresa’s other questions.

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