Question Regarding Protein on the Low Calorie Phase (P2) of the HCG 2.0 Diet Protocol

The question was in regard to her protein intake on HCG 2.0 diet. If you’re unfamiliar, HCG 2.0 uses a BMR calculation to determine the amount of protein each diet is allowed on their individualized HCG diet. Protein demands will vary considerably depending on the size and age of the dieter. The reason is muscle mass. A 6’4″ male has tremendously more muscle mass than a petite woman, so he will be allowed more protein on his low-calorie phase (P2) than she.

Depending on height, weight and age, the might be the appropriate BMR calculation, but the minimum amount of protein is 500 calories. There is also a max of 1000 calories. For example, a young man that weighs 280+ and is taller than 6’3″ is going to be allowed over 1000 calories in protein, but that’s too much. Metabolizing protein can be taxing on the liver and kidneys, so it’s capped at 1000 calories. The explanation for a minimum is just simply to maintain muscle mass and to facilitate weight loss. If you’re getting an adequate amount of protein, the body isn’t so stingy with giving up it’s fat reserves (this results in rapid weight loss). If we’re deprived of adequate protein, as many were on the traditional diet, the body becomes more defensive with it’s fat reserves and your body will actually steal calories and energy from muscle mass. That’s bad for weight loss and your health. Gotta get adequate protein.

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