Preparing for Your HCG Diet – 5 Things You Can Do While Waiting for Your HCG Drops

You’ve done it. You’ve purchased you HCG diet drops from InsideOut Wellness and Weight Loss and you’re ready to begin HCG 2.0.

Good for you. To be honest, the hardest part is behind you. Weight loss has been something you’ve been thinking about for a long time, I know. You’ve researched your options and everything has lead you to HCG 2.0 – the smarter HCG diet.

Achieving you ideal weight the first step in taking back your health. While you have momentum in your favor, you can keep it going by preparing yourself with the 5 steps below.

Five things you can do while waiting for you HCG drops to arrive:

Nobody was better prepared than Kylene. She lost 65 pounds over the course of 3 rounds on HCG 2.0.

Set your start date. Take a look at a calendar and decide when you want to begin. It’s important to make it strategic, but keep in mind that there will never be a PERFECT time. There are always going to be sacrifices. After you select your start date, tell all your family and friends what you plan on doing. Not only does this ensure their support, but it commits you to it. By telling them, you’re inviting them to join your team. You’re essentially asking them to hold you accountable. The support of family and friends is extremely important.

  1. Go to the doctor. This isn’t so important if you have less than 30 pounds to lose, but any more than that, it’s a good idea. Get a basic metabolic panel to make sure there is nothing that will slow down your progress. Additionally, keep in mind that weight loss is way more than an aesthetic goal. It’s your health. If you’re operating at a weight 30 pounds over the ideal, you’re opening the door to a tremendous amount of health problems down the road… diabetes, high blood pressure, knee replacements. Not fun. And if you ask me, before and after blood work is more revealing than before and after photos. It’s your health.

  2. Join our private Facebook group. Chat people up. Ask questions. Make friends. The group has over 11,000 members now and isn’t as easy to manage as it used to be, but it’s still a great place to find like-minded people that are available as a resource for support and motivation. There are also a lot of good HCG diet recipes. You can find them by clicking files (I think).

  3. Get rid of the junk you have in your kitchen. I don’t care if you have kids, get rid of it. It’s not helping anyone. Additionally, you might be surprised with the support you get from your children. Kylene, my employee, lost over 60 pounds on 2.0. Rather than going out for pizza on Friday night, Kylene began taking her kids to the grocery store to pick up dinner items. They’d shop the perimeters and Kylene would educate them on everything she has learned in the program. Then they would go home and cook. Make it a family thing. And take it from Kylene, there is no more genuine of a compliment than when your child says, “mom’s skinny.”

  4. If you have an eReader, go to and download the book. Get a head start. And if you like what you read, leave me a nice review. This item might be a bit self-serving, but you know… quid pro quo. I’ll take care of you if you take care of me. And when you’re reading the book, reflect upon everything in diet that necessitated a weight loss plan. You can fix old habits until you know what they are. By addressing old habits you can effortlessly eliminate 200-300 calories per day from your diet. You’ll find more about this in my book in the chapter titled, Positive Calories Vs. Negative Calories.

Proper preparation really is the key to your success with HCG weight loss. Proper preparation is the key to success with everything you do, but particularly dieting.

Preparation is the key, not just in the early stages of the diet, but through your entire HCG diet protocol. One of the most important things you can do is meal planning. Most of the time, the poor foods in our diet are not our foods of choice, but our foods of convenience. You get yourself into trouble when you don’t plan your meals. This is when you’ll find yourself grabbing something processed and loaded full of SAD (Standard American Diet) calories. It’s really hard to find an HCG 2.0 approved meal when you’re in a hurry.

For more on meal preparation, click here.

Best of luck in reaching your weight loss goals.

Dr. Zach

Author of HCG 2.0 – The Smarter HCG Diet

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