Positive Vs. Negative Calories – How to Create GOOD Eating Habits

One thing I’ve found to be true of nearly all dieters is that they consume an over-abundant amount of negative calories. What are negative calories? Simply put, these are calories that are habitual and often don’t add much to either the nutritional value, nor the taste of your food.  By addressing this, you can shave 200 to 300 calories per day from your daily intake of food. That’s 2100 calories per week, a whole day’s worth of eating. That adds up over months and years. This simple differentiation, as you’ll read below, can be all that’s needed to maintain lifelong weight loss. And what is lifelong weight loss? It’s called lifestyle. It’s explained below…

The difference is simple, the calories that provide you with sustenance are positive calories, and those that provide pleasure or taste are generally negative, but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. The goal is to find a balance, and I’m speaking here from a perspective of lifestyle, not the HCG 2.0 diet. For example, you’re not going to order your pizza without cheese. That would be foolish, but eliminating sausage or pepperoni and replacing with veggies will save you 100 calories. Or, do you really need to add a piece of cheese to your burger or salad? The burger is positive, the cheese is negative; same with the salad. Is it really going to be any less tasty without the cheese? See where I’m going with this? Humans are habitual creatures, all of us. Many of your eating habits are exactly that… habits. Break them!  Even just tweaking them a bit can easily reduce your caloric intake by 200-300 calories per day. Reducing dairy is a great way to start. Unless you’re an infant, dairy can be completely eliminated from your diet… if you want it to be?  There are so many examples of this that it’s impossible to list them all. Examine your lifestyle and you’ll soon find them for yourself. Find that balance between necessity and luxury.

Just Because It’s Called Salad, Doesn’t Mean It’s Good for You…

Just because you order the Cobb Salad for lunch, doesn’t mean you should expect your co-workers to high-five you. Sure, all vegetables are good, but if they’re accompanied by six different varieties of cheese, fried chicken strips and a half cup of Ranch Dressing, you might as well have ordered the cheese burger and chili fries like they did. The calorie count is identical.

And Stop Feeling Like You Have to Get Your Money’s Worth…

I’m not going to lie, I’m guilty of this as well. I was raised very middle class, and when I go out to eat, I look for VALUE. I want to get what I pay. The restaurant chain that lists a dairy cart of added filler to accompany their lunch entrees isn’t going to give me a discount because I tell them to hold all the crap and just give me the nutrition. So to get my money’s worth, I order it just like it’s advertised on the good ‘ole American menu; with cheese, gravy and all the fixins. But seriously, who’s getting the “un-raw” end of this deal?

You have to eat smarter than this, as do I. If you really want to raise the eyebrows of your co-workers, skip the cheese, go with grilled chicken and ask for your dressing on the side so you can administer it daintily, leaving, at the very least, one-third remaining in the dish.  You just saved yourself  300 calories and created NEW eating habits – good habits. And you also planted a seed in the heads of your co-workers that will get them talking.

Taste Is An Acquired Sense

The more you eat of something, the more you’ll like it and crave it. It’s time to start making this work for you, rather than against you. At one time, I hated olives. I began experimenting and they were just okay. I tried them again and they were a bit better. Now I can’t drink a Martini without three of them skewered across the top.

That’s a bit of a joke, but you get the idea. Start creating new eating habits. And once you do, the old habits won’t be missed. Trust me.

You Can Also Eat Smarter

The Power of Sun Flour

Food science generally works against us, not for us. It’s typically utilized by major food manufacturers to increase shelf life rather than nutritional content. The longer a food product can sit on a shelf, the more value it has to a supermarket. That’s why you’re told to shop the perimeters because that’s where all the fresh items are located.

However, on occasion, food science can work FOR you. Check out the product to the right. It’s a gluten-free flour made from Sun Flower Seeds. It’s an ideal substitute for the high-carb, zero-nutrition fuel that is typically used for baking. I wouldn’t recommend it for the low-calorie phase of your HCG diet, but it’s perfect for maintenance and your family will love it. It’s also available in premixed packages for pancakes, muffins and brownies.


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