Part 1 – Have You Read the First Chapter of HCG 2.0

Read it when you get a second. I promise it’ll change how you think about the HCG diet.

I wrote “HCG 2.0” for a very simple reason… I wanted to offer my patients a way to lose a lot of weight quickly, safely and consistently. Because I know how hard diets can be.

I know a diet that spans for six months or longer is going to be really hard to stick with.

And I know that most people get discouraged when they don’t get fast results. (That’s why I count the fact that most people lose 10 pounds in the first week alone, a key factor for HCG 2.0’s success.)

HCG 2.0 is all about being realistic.

It’s about using food chemistry and recent nutrition discoveries, to keep you in the weight loss “sweet spot”… without starving you half to death.

The remainder of the 7 part series will further enlighten you on why HCG 2.0 is quickly becoming the industry standard for HCG weight loss.

I’m also going to break down the details on HCG 2.0. Why I think it’s the best diet around today, and how it can work for you (even if –especially if- nothing else has).

I’ll also be sharing some success stories of my patients, to back up what I’m saying.

In the meantime, if you’d like to start losing weight right away, and be 20-30 pounds lighter in just 5 weeks, click here to start HCG 2.0.

Dr. Zach

Talk soon,

Dr. Zach LaBoube

Author of “HCG 2.0”

P.S. Click here for part 2 on why HCG 2.0 is the last diet you’ll ever need.

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