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If it were up to us we’d have a location on every street corner, but until then you can get the best HCG diet product on the market combined with the best HCG weight loss system on the market from Pounds and Inches Away Direct.

Pounds and Inches Away Direct brings you the same weight loss protocol that has helped over 10,000 dieters successfully shed their unwanted pounds and more importantly, keep the weight off. If you’re unfamiliar with the HCG dietHCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatropin) is a hormone produced by the placenta of pregnant women. The sole purpose of the HCG hormone is to provide a 24/7 calorie source for the growing baby. In the absence of a pregnancy, the HCG hormone can be supplemented, in very low doses, allowing the dieter to sustain themselves on their own stored fat; thus producing rapid weight loss. Women typically lose a half pound to a pound per day while men lose up to two pounds per day.

Pounds and Inches Away Direct offers both a 20-day and 40-day protocol. Until the end of the year you can purchase the 20-day for $89 and the 40-day for only $119. Don’t wait until January. Included with your HCG diet supplement you also receive the following…

  1. Patient Education Manual – The “Skinny” on Your Success

  2. HCG Diet Diary

  3. Dry Erase Magnet to Monitor Success

  4. Access to our HCG Diet Experts by Phone or E-mail

  5. Free Download of Dr. Simeons’ Manuscript

  6. Access to Sample Maintenance HCG Menus

  7. Sample Very Low Calorie Diet HCG Menus (in The “Skinny” on Your Success)

  8. Body Measurement Log

If you’d like to visit one of our Pounds and Inches Away locations CLICK HERE.

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