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New Recipe Page Is Live

Our new recipe page is now LIVE! We are so excited to finally have nutrition information on all of our recipes. You can see them all here.

This give our members options for sticking to plan and learn how to make healthier choices.

As Dr. Zach reminded me today, "Remember, your ultimate goal is to "maintain" a healthy weight. The first objective in achieving the ultimate goal is to lose the excess pounds. The second objective is to learn to enjoy healthy low-carb eating. Taste is an acquired sense. If you can eliminate the bad stuff, and learn to like the good stuff, your goal is within reach. If you make yourself miserable reaching the first objective, you'll never be able to accomplish the second objective and therefore never be able to maintain the weight that you desire. Instead of riding the roller-coaster, take your time and relax on the slow and steady."

We think these recipes and our new updates will help achieve lasting, healthier eating habits.

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