New HCG Weight Loss Center in Santa Monica, CA

InsideOut Wellness – Santa Monica

InsideOut Wellness is proud to welcome it’s newest  HCG weight loss center in Southern California. The new location, located in the heart of Santa Monica, is a full service weight loss center operated by Dr. Zach LaBoube.

If you’re unfamiliar with HCG weight loss, HCG is a hormone that is produced by the placenta of pregnant women. The sole purpose of this hormone is to provide a 24/7 calorie source for the growing baby, which is pertinent for proper growth and development. In the absence of a pregnancy, the hormone can be supplemented for both men and women, allowing the metabolization of stored fat, which, in turn, provides rapid weight loss. Women generally lose a half to a pound per day, while men can lose up to two pounds per day. To learn more about the HCG diet, CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to contact the Santa Monica location and get scheduled for a FREE consultation, CLICK HERE.

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