New and Improved Alcohol Free HCG drops

I suppose I can’t exactly say “alcohol free HCG drops” but they’re now less than 1% alcohol.  

This is a big improvement from the previous concentrations of nearly 4% alcohol. And the good news is that despite the reduction in alcohol, the concentrations of HCG in the drops has not changed and is still the highest on the internet.

Why the change in formula?

Prior to this past winter I increased the alcohol concentrations in my HCG formula because my Canadian business increased so substantially.  Without the addition of alcohol the glass would freeze in frigid temperatures and actually shatter the bottle of HCG drops.  As you’re likely aware, alcohol doesn’t freeze. So by increasing the alcohol concentration in the HCG it prevented the bottles from freezing in cold temperatures.

However, the byproduct of the additional alcohol was that they just didn’t taste good. They still provided the same rapid weight loss as my original HCG drops, but they tasted awful. Some complained of  a burning sensation under their tongue.  Others complained that the HCG drops actually made their entire mouth numb.

In joking, I said that was the idea –  if you can’t taste your food you’re not as inclined to eat as much, but most didn’t find that funny.

So, to remedy the situation I began working with my  manufacturer on what we could do to preserve the HCG while preventing the bottles from breaking during shipment.  As it turns out, the solution was not that complicated. First, and quite obviously, we switched to a plastic bottle so it won’t shatter when the temperatures get cold. I feel as though it might slightly belittle the product, but it’s practical and serves the purpose we need it too.

Second, we replaced the alcohol (almost all of it) with a colloidal water mix which is anti-microbial and also acts to preserve the HCG hormone.

What does this mean to you?

It means you have a tasteless HCG supplement that won’t burn your tongue or make your mouth numb. However, it will provide you with the same rapid weight loss.

Additionally, I feel much better about recommending the HCG drops to the recovering alcoholics in our group. My family has a history of alcoholism and I’m well aware that it looms over you everyday and even a simple product with limited concentration of alcohol like my HCG drops can make life much more difficult than it need be.

Why Magnesium in My Alcohol Free HCG Drops

The B12 in the HCG drops seems quite obvious to most. We all like a little jump start of instant energy, but why the magnesium. The reason is because magnesium counteracts the effects of cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone, secreted by your adrenal glands during times of stress. A by product of cortisol is weight gain. So by adding the magnesium to the HCG supplement, we’re telling the cortisol to ease up, which in turn reduces stress and weight gain.

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