More Than the HCG Diet at One Life Weight Loss St. Louis

I’ve know Teresa Syed of OneLife Weight Loss for nearly as long as I’ve been working with the HCG diet. There was a time when you could say that we were competitors. We both operated a full service weight loss center offering individual consultations, weekly weigh-ins, and near round-the-clock phone support. After publishing my book, HCG 2.0 – A Modern Adaptation of the HCG Diet, I took a less hands-on route while Teresa grew her full service center into the One Life Weight Loss and Wellness that has served the St. Louis community for nearly 7 years.

Why OneLIfe for HCG Weight Loss?

Because weight loss is never easy. Even with the best supplement, the best diet protocol, and a determination to succeed, it can still be very difficult. Teresa prides herself on the “above and beyond.” She can’t lose the weight for you, but the combination of her insight and experience could certainly be the edge that you need to finally “get it” so you can make your weight loss sustainable.

Teresa has been in your shoes. It was her success with the original HCG diet that motivated her to leave her previous career in finance to share her experience and success with others. She lost 34 pounds in her first 40 day round of the original HCG diet and ultimately lost a total of 70 pounds and 98 inches. Quite impressive.

In addition to Teresa’s insight and passion, she also has a full staff of medical and lifestyle professionals to holistically address ALL of your health and wellness needs, outside of just the weight loss. For example, If you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past, there might be something in your health history that her medical director will detect and correct. She also has a licensed clinical therapist that can address any emotional or psychological issues that may have prevented you from having weight loss success. It’s all connected and it’s all part of it. It’s a one-stop-shop for feeling and looking your best. For more this, see what Town & Style Magazine had to say about OneLife.

Does One Life Offer HCG 2.0?

Of course, or I wouldn’t be writing this. That’s a bit of a joke, but Teresa is quite familiar with my book. In fact, she’s told me that she wished HCG 2.0 was available when she was losing all of her weight with the original HCG diet. Of course the original HCG diet works and get’s great results, but it’s a grueling process that doesn’t have to be so difficult.

HCG 2.0 is smart weight loss. Most are of the belief that dieting and weight loss are merely about calorie reduction. That’s not at all true. It’s equally about calorie replacement. It’s about giving the body the proper nutrition it needs to remedy a skewed satiety response. The Standard America Diet (SAD) is way too full of fuel in the form of carbs, but completely lacking in protein, healthy fats and phytonutrition from vegetables. If you give the body what it needs, it will reward you with a feeling of fullness and satiety. This is the key to sustainable weight loss.

An Insurance Policy on Your Success

There are no guarantees in medicine, but if you feel like you need a bit more of an edge than simply buying my book and HCG drops online, give Teresa at OneLife a ring. As I like to call it, it’s an insurance policy on your success. For a complete list of all of the services that OneLife offers, click the link here.

In summary, if you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past, a full-service weight loss center like OneLife might be the option for you. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help and Teresa’s sympathetic ear will make you glad you did. If not now, when?

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