More on the Loading Phase of the HCG Diet

The loading phase of the HCG diet is the key to outsmarting your body’s desire to retain fat?

And also the key to rapid and exaggerated weight loss in the early stages of the diet. Trisha lost 16 pounds in the first week by loading properly. See her story here.

Let’s say that your wise and innately intelligent body is accustomed to 2500-3000 calories per day. What’s going to happen when you suddenly decrease that to 750? It’s quite literally gonna freak out – go straight into panic mode because it will immediately presume there is a shortage in food supply.

This “freak out” is what’s known as Starvation Mode.  To remove all scientific babble, starvation mode occurs when you experience a sudden and drastic reduction in calories. The result of this is that instantaneously, literally over night, your body become drastically more efficient with it’s calories and even more determined to keep them stored away in fat. This is why dieting such an uphill battle. Not only are we struggling with our own poor eating habits, but we are squaring off, mano y mano in the middle of the octagon against millions of years of human evolution. The odds aren’t in your favor. Proper loading on the HCG diet can turn these odds upside down.

So how do we beat an an opponent that that has us outgunned? We rope-a-dope it, just like Mahomad Ali did with the tougher, younger, more physical George Foreman. We’re lure it in with a bunch of fatty foods. Make it think food is plentiful rather than scarce until starvation mode begins to relax. It assumes it can get lazy. The more fats you eat, the more your liver enzymes begin to spike, blood sugar begins to spike and starvation mode says, “False alarm. This isn’t a fight at all. No food shortage. No reason to store away extra calories or become more efficient with  the calories that are being consumed. Nothing to see here, move on.” BOOM!!!

Then on day three, we hit it with the low cal phase and catch it completely off guard. By day four and 5, the HCG is working for you and pounds are falling off like mad. By days 6-10 when you’re body has finally realized there’s a shortage of calories, you’re already comfortably in ketosis and you’re burning fat, losing weight, all while maintaining necessary muscle mass. At this point you’ve got your body up against the ropes and it’s just up to you to toughen up and finish it off.  At the end of your 30-40 days, you’ll be down 20-30 pounds of strictly fat, with zero loss of muscle mass. Ding ding ding! The winner and new champion – YOU!

This is why the loading phase of the HCG diet is SO important and something you absolutely CANNOT overlook.

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