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The Amazon reviews for HCG 2.0 have been mounting, so I thought I’d share a couple. Below are the screen shots and I also pasted the content below them if the images are too small to read. If you’d like to add your Amazon review of HCG 2.0, click here.

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“I did the original HCG diet with my wife a couple of years ago. She was pretty successful with it, but I couldn’t do it. I was constantly hungry, tired and miserable. I lost 10 pounds in the first week, but I just couldn’t continue. So when my wife approached me about doing it again, I about fell off my chair. She told me about HCG 2.0 and that the plan was a lot easier, but the weight loss was the same. I was a little skeptical, but as she was reading the book, she was keeping me in the loop on all of the differences. It all made sense, so I decided to read the book too. The biggest factor for me was the fact that it gave me more protein calories because of my size. I could have aver 800 calories in protein. When I did the diet the first time with my five, it seemed odd that we were eating same tiny piece of chicken and I’m nearly a foot tall and out-weigh her by almost 100 pounds. Using your BMR to determine the amount of protein you can have just makes sense. Bigger people with more muscle get more protein. The book explained so much more about the diet that I didn’t know, which helped me stay motivated because I knew what the HCG was doing for me. It explained that HCG doesn’t cause the weight loss, it just targets the weight loss and reduces your hunger. The low carb aspect also makes sense. It’s very low carb so you can maintain ketosis. This is what allows you to lose the weight from your belly, where I need it. My wife and I both did great. She lost 25 pounds and said this was the easiest round of HCG she’d ever done. I actually completed a 30 day round and lost 33 pounds. I lost 12 pounds in the first week alone. I got my drops from InsideOut Wellness, which is the site listed in the book. I highly recommend it. I still have more to lose, so I’ll be doing it again soon.”

Another review by Linda

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“I have done the original hcg diet once with good success but the second time there were issues with the product and I did not do well. A friend recommended this book and I have to say Dr. LaBoube covers all of the items I found challenging before. My friend did very well on the 2.0 protocol and I am looking forward to beginning it very soon.”

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