Microcurrent Facelift: A life changing transformation

I guess everybody knows by now that the most popular cosmetic procedure we practice here is the Microcurrent Facelift. Our clients have achieved great results with this procedure, and I really enjoy observing my clients gradual transformation throughout their series of treatments. One of my most memorable clients came in to me after seeing a morning show segment on Fox 2 with Tim Ezell. When I was approached by Fox 2 about doing this morning segment, I was excited to introduce this advanced technology, and our new methods of non-invasive cosmetic procedures to St.Louis. That Day after the live segment aired, the office received many phone calls inquiring about this “Microcurrent Facelift procedure that everyone saw on T.V.” They wanted to know what it was, how it worked, where it came from, and what results they could achieve.  One particular caller was brought to my attention right away. She said that her daughter saw the show, and noticed that I had mentioned that this treatment was effective for people who had been suffering from bell’s palsy, which is paralysis of the face resulting from stroke or even some viruses.  After consulting this patient, I informed her that I planned to work on just the one side of her face that drooped. I estimated that it would take 10 sessions, to lift the left side of her face to the point where it would be symmetrical with the right side of her face. We got started with the procedure right away. She had been living with bell’s palsy for the past five years, and had significant atrophy.   After a single treatment, she said that her face felt “alive.”  After her 7th session, my office manager was shocked at her. She said that her face was “flawless.” I made a point of examining her, at her next session and it was true. Within 7 sessions the left side of her face had perked up, and was completely symmetrical to the right side of her face.  I just like to share this story because it not only illustrates the cosmetic benefits, but the therapeutic benefits as well. Eight of the 14 acupuncture meridians bisect the face. Microcurrent is also know as needle-less acupucnture, so in a single procedure, we’re treating several different acupuncture points. I’ve also found that it’s beneficial in treating migraines, sinus infections and allergies. So give it a try, the results can be life changing.

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