Microcurrent ‘Before and After’

I was recently sent the PDF of the Karen Deer article that appeared on the front page of the Lifestyle section of the Post.  Since the article ran, we’ve been doing about 12 to 16 microcurrent procedures per day and getting excellent results. Several patients have completed their 12 session protocol and have moved on to the monthly maintenance phase. The PDF version contains high resolution before and after photos which accentuate Karen’s results much better than the grainy quality of the news paper photos. Look specifically around her mouth. The vertical lines surrounding her mouth are considerably thinner. Her neck is significantly more toned and her cheeks and jowls are also much improved. Also look at the lateral aspects of her eyes lids and how much they have been lifted. This was after only 10 treatments. Karen has been in 4 times since and continues to get great results. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, this is where to start. It’s affordable, completely non-invasive, and in fact, quite therapeutic. Microcurrent is also known as needleless acupuncture. Eight of the 14 acupuncture meridians bisect the face, so in a single session, we’re treating all those points. Many patients have reported improvements in sinus infections, migraine headaches and better sleep. If you have any questions, please call the office or download our FAQ packet.

Dr. Zach LaBoube

InsideOut Wellness & Acupuncture

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