Marci Lost 160 Pounds on Her HCG 2.0 Diet – While Battling MS

Marci lost 160 pounds on HCG 2.0

Marci went on to lose 160 pounds. You have to start somewhere. If not now, when?

Today I want to tell you the inspiring story of how my patient Marci lost 160 pounds with HCG 2.0. And she did it just after she was diagnosed with MS. If she can do it, so can you.

When Marci was younger, she was told by her doctor that her weight was genetic. That there was nothing she could do about it. So, she didn’t watch what she ate.

As the years went on, she gained more weight, and was very unhappy with it. She’d tried several other diets, but they had all been the same: She’d lose weight while on the diet, but right after she got off, she’d gain it all back.

The diets just weren’t sustainable. (You might be able to relate.)

Finally, her doctor recommended she try the original HCG diet. After doing some research on it, she discovered my alternative program, HCG 2.0. She called up my office, and I got the chance to talk to her in person.

The most important part of HCG 2.0, is commitment.

HCG 2.0 is easier than the original HCG diet by far. You can eat more of the foods you love, and still lose the same amount (or more). But still… you need to commit to any diet to see results.

I could tell right away that Marci was ready to go “all in” on HCG 2.0. I told her to text me on her progress as she did the diet.

Here are a few of those texts:

MARCI: Hey it’s Marci – 5 lbs so far! Day 6 not hungry. But sure do want a soda! Going well 🙂

MARCI: Howdy – Just weight in and lost 5 more pounds!

(She lost 10 pounds in the first week.)

Next week:

MARCI: Good evening Dr. Z. Ok with a start weight of 414.7 on 1/14. I weighed in at 397.1 today =-O. I have not been under 400 since I can remember!!!

(Down 18lbs in 2 weeks)

Marci continued losing weight, until she’d lost an incredible 160 lbs. To view Marci’s full story, click here.

Again – If Marci can do this, so can you.

To get started on HCG 2.0, and lose 20-30 lbs in just 5 weeks, click here.

See you soon.

Dr. Zach LaBoube

Author of “HCG 2.0”

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