Lose 20-30 Pounds and Help MS

My first conversation with Marcy was at the end of December 2012. She called into the InsideOut Wellness 800 number and spoke with my office manager, Adrienne. Adrienne was impressed with Marci’s story and her passion to get healthy so she  suggested I call her. In working with weight loss patients for several years, I can generally get a pretty accurate vibe as to who will have success and who won’t. A good majority are motivated and determined to succeed, while a smaller few have already manufactured an excuse as to why HCG isn’t the best diet option for them and/or why the present isn’t a good time to begin. While Marci certainly could have made a list of excuses and reasons to fail, she made none. She had already spoken to her physician and she was ready and determined. I knew immediately that she would do well.

At the time, she was weighing 416 pounds and just a month prior had been diagnosed with her MS.  Again, while most would use this as a reason NOT to begin a weight loss plan, she used the diagnosis as motivation to take control of her life rather than let it take control of her. She began her first round of the HCG 2.0 diet in early January and lost 42 pounds. Year-to-date she has lost over 100 pounds despite periodic interruptions due to complications with her MS. To view Marci’s complete story and other testimonials, click here.

Although Marci and I have shared countless emails, text messages and phone calls, we’ve never actually met in person. However that will soon change as I am travelling Urbana, Illinois, Sunday, September 8 to participate  in her MS Walk. She emailed me the date over a month ago, but I’m embarrassed to say that I completely dropped the ball and have done little to help her raise money. As a result, I’m now hustling and scrambling to help her out. As a result, if you’re inspired by Marci’s story and would like to donate to her team you can do so by CLICKING HERE.Use Promo Code – MSWALK and for FREE shipping. Every time it is used InsideOut Wellness will donate $20 to Team Balancing Act

If Marci’s story has inspired you and you’d also like to lose 20-30 pounds in just 30-40 days, uses promo code MSWALK for free shipping on your HCG 2.0 Diet. For every order using promo code MSWALK, I’ll donate $20 to Marci’s team.

For more information about HCG 2.0 – Don’t Starve, Eat Smart and Lose you can read about it in Yahoo News here.

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