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If  you are  unfamiliar with HCG weight loss and the HCG dietHCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatropin), is a hormone produced during pregnancy. The  purpose of the HCG hormone is to rally the metabolism of systemic fat. Typically, as a species, the human body is pre-disposed to retain calories in the form of fat reserves as a survival mechanism for long winters or famine; conditions that don’t often exist today. However, when a women becomes pregnant, the growing baby requires a 24/7 calorie source. In response, the placenta of the mother begins to produce HCG, which “unlocks” her stored fat to provide the calories necessary for proper development of her unborn child. This is why dieting is such an uphill battle; not only are we struggling our own poor eating habits, but a genetic predisposition to store fat. HCG is the solution.

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See the graph below taken from First for Women Magazine relating relating time versus cost comparison in losing 20 pounds. The InsideOut Wellness HCG diet compares very favorably against Weight Watcher, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, especially that it is now availiable direct for only $109. If you’d like to read more about how well the InsideOut Wellness HCG diet compares with Weight Watchers, CLICK HERE.

First for Women Magazine, June 2012

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