Join Our HCG Affiliate Program In Time for Back to School Weight Loss

I’ve been in the weight loss industry for a long time. A majority of that has been spent perfecting the HCG diet. Here is one thing I know to be true…

  1. When the kids are home for the summer, Mom and Dad eat what the kids eat.

This isn’t such a bad thing, most of my patients and dieters feed their kids quite well, but the ideal diet of a child is NOT exactly ideal for an adult. A child needs fuel. They’re engine runs non-stop, so they need a constant supply of carbs to see them through a typical day of playing, swimming, playing and playing.

As a parent, it was natural for me to eat the same meals as my son. I’d be sitting across from him at the lunch table gobbling up carbs right along with him, even though he was burning them off incessantly at swim practice or baseball games. As he was burning off the french fries from lunch, I was in the stands slowly converting my excess fries into stored fat, typically with a beer in hand. Consequently, by the end of the summer, I’d end up 10 pounds outside my fighting weight.

This is why NOW is an ideal time for you to join the IOW HCG Affiliate Program, especially if you’ve done my HCG 2.0 protocol before. You know the diet works and you know that with HCG 2.0, the most rapid weight loss occurs within the first two to three weeks of starting the diet.

If you join my HCG affiliate program, all you have to do is post your success story to Facebook along with your affiliate link to earn extra cash.  If you have some weight to lose, you can use your own link for a 20% savings. It’s a win/win!

HCG Affiliates can expect…

  1. A 20% commission on all sales

  2. An average sale size of $100

  3. No minimum payout – This means you can get paid per sale!

  4. Some really cool and creative marketing materials.

  5. Accurate tracking and real-time reporting

  6. A dedicated coaching time. That means me 🙂

  7. Prizes for top sellers

  8. And…

Most importantly, you get the piece of mind in knowing that you’re selling a product that works. I strongly believe that in addition to the best HCG diet products on the market, I also have the best HCG protocol on the market in HCG 2.0. It’s more about calorie replacement rather than calorie reduction.

As an HCG Affiliate

Are you going to be able to quit your day job as an InsideOut Wellness HCG affiliate? Unlikely, but will it pay your cable bill? Yes! Will it cover a night at the ballpark for you and your kids? Yes! It is an easy sell? YES!!!

If you’re ready to get started as an HCG 2.0 Affiliate Retailer, click here and sign up.

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